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  • Comment on Canadiens name Therrien coach (2012-06-05 13:35:53)
    I'm a little surprised at all the negativity the Therrien hiring is generating today. A few weeks ago, everyone seemed to be pushing for Alain Vigneault - even though he was still under contract in Vancouver and his first go-around with the Habs wasn't exactly a resounding success. Everyone seemed to be ready to give him a second chance... Next came Bob Hartley, who had been out of hockey for 5 years and had to go to Europe to coach because no one wanted him here. Everyone as ready to give him a 2nd chance also. Why the hate for Therrien? Don't get me wrong - I'm not exactly jumping for joy and preparing my vacation papers for next June so I can attend the Stanly Cup parade downtown, but I am willing to give Therrien a chance. As a Habs' fan, I am more comfortable with Therrien than with Mr. "I want full veto on all GM's decisions and final say at the draft table" .... Let's "chill" as Carey Price would say and give the guy a chance - he might end up surprising us all ...
  • Comment on Sunday morning coming down for Habs fans (2012-03-25 11:08:53)
    Six games to go folks - the end of this sad season is near. The thing that worries me is that we are in for more of the same next season probably. Everyone hopes for a quick turn around similar to the Sens situation but they had a farm team full of prospects ready to make the jump to the NHL. The Habs have no one - proof is the fact that Bulldogs are 3rd worst in the AHL. All of our good prospects are going to Hamilton next season so they are realistically 2 or 3 years away. The rumors of the next coach/GM are already getting on my nerves - not 1 "expert" has talked who is the best candidate to rebuild this team and move forward - all I hear and read is who is French and available. The names being thrown around have 0 experience as an executive at the NHL level. Has no one learned anything from the mistakes done in the past? The more I hear this nonsense, the more I get this bad feeling that we are in for more of the same - I fear I will not see another Stanley Cup in Montreal in my lifetime ... (sorry for doom-and-gloom - maybe it's the grey weather outside? - but I don't see much reason for cheering ...)
  • Comment on Jean BĂ©liveau continues encouraging comeback (2012-03-05 11:02:41)
    With Burke locking up Carlyle for the next 3 years (a coach I was hoping Mtl would try and get for their rebuild), I guess this seems to point more and more towards Patrick Roy as the most likely candidate. I'm not sure how I feel about that though - I'm uncomfortable with the idea of having another rookie coach (who has tendancies of being a little volatile at times) behind the bench but I guess Roy has dealt with the pressures of Mtl and its fans and media so I guess he won't be intimated by either. I have watched his Quebec Remparts a few times and they seem to be a hard working team that won't get pushed around (at least that's the impression I got with the games I saw). I guess this is the only thing left to debate until until next September - this and who will be the next GM? Will Molson put language as the number 1 criteria or will he take the leap and actually hire the best guy available?
  • Comment on Curtains for Canadiens? (2012-02-22 18:04:41)
    I think most people would agree with this statement - the Habs are done. I haven't been able to sit through an entire game since Christmas time to be honest - it's just too painful to watch on most nights. Last night, I sat and watched the whole game from puck drop to that last siren. What an embarrassment! It was very difficult to see how far this organization has fallen - and how far they have to climb to get back up. I guess the only thing left now for Habs fans is to wait and see what will Molson do. Will he have the guts to make the tough decisions and clean out management and start over form the top? Who will he get to advise him through this whole process? As much as I love Bob Gainey and everything he has done for this organization, this mess is him so he should also be removed from all decision making. If this is the case - who replaces him and offers Molson the sound advice to put this back on the right track? Should be an interesting spring and summer to say the least... In the meantime, there is always the Impact I guess - first game March 20.
  • Comment on Saturday pre-game reads (2012-01-14 16:10:33)
    I have a question that I hope someone can answer for me please: everyone seems unanimous that this pathetic team needs to get bigger. Even Gauthier finally publicly admitted as much Thursday night (what a shock!!) If this is the case, why is everyone always saying that Moen should be traded at the deadline or he won't be back next year. Sorry - but wtf? Who else on this team crashes the net and can stick up for the other smaller players? Isn't Moen the type of player that this team needs? I for one hope they sign him for another 3 years - he is not a top six forward but in his proper role as a 3rd line forward, he would be a perfect fit on this team and a very useful player.
  • Comment on Pacioretty suspended three games (2011-11-28 20:04:58)
    I'm furious with this BS!! Lucic gets nothing for steam rolling Miller (and later laughs about it on radio in Boston), Malone gets nothing for pretty much the same hit on Campoli, Chara gets nothing for nearly killing Pacioretty - but Shanahan decides to make an example of Max instead. Disgusting, bush league garbage ...
  • Comment on Post-mortems on Canadiens (2011-04-29 13:34:11)
    The person that I will be watching for all summer will be Geoff Molson. When Mr. Gillet decided to sell the Canadiens, I was hoping and praying that Serge Savard would buy the team. I felt (and still do) that he was the man who would have made real changes to take this team back to the top 5 of the league. Mr. Molson has made changes - but to the business side of the organization. I guess I can live with that - he is a business man after all and wants to maximize his investments. Let's see what he will do on the hockey operations side now - I think it needs to start with P. Gauthier. This organization needs some new, fresh ideas at the top otherwise nothing will ever change. I thought the best opportunity for a fresh start was once Gainey announced he was leaving - it was the perfect opportunity to do a real search for a new "breed" of GM but instead they decided to give the reins to another copy of the same type of GM who was already in place.
  • Comment on Update as Game 7 approaches (2011-04-27 13:30:09)
    I just read that Lucic will be playing tonight - no supplemental discipline by the league. Anyone surprised?