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  • Comment on The final game of 2010-’11 (2011-04-28 14:24:07)
    I must say that the Habs let it all hang out last night, and they should be proud of that. The series was so close that it came to a mere matter of bounces. Carey Price was stellar, keeping the Habs in it after Boston took the 3-2 lead. Not having DD, and Max Pac certainly hurt. But, you play with the cards you're dealt. The player that frustrated me the most in the series was Kostitsyn. It's game 7 and he's coasting around, turning the puck over at critical times. He just seems to be so non interested some times. Wheres the desire and passion. I loved what I saw from Eller. I think the kid is for real. There were times when he almost took over the game himself, or single handedly almost won it himself. If they address anything, for me it would be secondary scoring. The Habs did have injuries, but secondary scoring was an issue in the series. All and all great season and series effort Habs!!! Go Habs Go!!
  • Comment on Update as Game 7 approaches (2011-04-27 15:10:52)
    The ultimate payback for Chara's hit on Pacioretty would be beating the Boston "Goons" in game 7 in their building....and then having Max Pac at the end of the line to shake hands with Chara, while saying....."Enjoy the summer assclown!" Keep the emotions in check tonight habs and it will happen! Go Habs Go!!
  • Comment on Not much time to reflect on Game 6 (2011-04-27 10:24:03)
    Here's how I see tonight's game. Habs win if they score first and do not give up a PP goal. Boston wins if they break through on the PP tonight. It's just that close between these two! Carey needs to outplay the Flopper. I'd love to see the Habs blow them out, but I think it's going to be another nailbiter, low scoring game!! Ghosts of the Forum, we need you on the road tonight! Go Habs Go!!
  • Comment on Back to Boston (2011-04-26 22:03:32)
    Ghosts of the Forum pack your bags, destination Beantown game 7!! "Blow Bruins Blow!" Go Habs Go!!
  • Comment on First elimination game (2011-04-26 15:03:14)
    I agree. It seems like every time the Ole chant gets going, the opposing team scores . How about instead 'Boston Blows!" Go Habs Go!
  • Comment on First elimination game (2011-04-26 14:02:08)
    I know what you mean. I had my Candiens flag taped to the right side of my tv for both OT losses. Well tonight it sits on the left side of my tv. Whatever it takes right!? Go Habs Go!
  • Comment on First elimination game (2011-04-26 12:22:15)
    Ok, little less than 7 hours to go. Time to pull out all the stops! Might pull out the Vintage Roy jersey tonight hang it on the side of the tv set, and wear th Price Jersey. It's all about Kharma. Chara will get run over by the Zamboni in warm ups. Habs win 4-2 force game 7!!! Go Habs Go!!
  • Comment on Video: Therapy day for Desharnais, Wisniewski (2011-04-25 21:15:03)
    For sale... a free spot to post to take the place of Mr. marketing guy that is marketing junk. And why would I trust that site anyways. Go Habs Go!
  • Comment on Video: Therapy day for Desharnais, Wisniewski (2011-04-25 21:06:26)
    I remember the 93 run. Every game edge of the seat winning unheard of 10 games in OT. We've been on the wrong end of OT these last two games. But, tomorrow night it all changes. Boston couldn't close out their series last year, and it's going to be the same story for the Bruins this year. The title reads "Bruins Blow it again...Bruins Blow!!" Go Habs Go!
  • Comment on Video: Therapy day for Desharnais, Wisniewski (2011-04-25 20:53:34)
    In that case I can't wait for Wednesday night. The Bell will be rockin and the Bruins we will be Mockin!!! Wish I could be there for sure!! Go Habs Go!