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  • Comment on Subban will win Norris Trophy: report; Melanson bashes Price (2013-06-11 12:52:43)
    How much does Subban get now when he signs extension this summer.... If Gonchar getting $5M, and if Josi getting 7 years at $4M.... Subban looking at 7 years $45-50M easily, no?
  • Comment on Subban will win Norris Trophy: report; Melanson bashes Price (2013-06-11 12:50:06)
    1. Best years for Price: 2010-11 and 2011-12 (when we finished 15th!) Melanson was not with Montreal 2. In Vancouver Schneider declined with Melanson as coach last year 3. We are putting too much emphasis on a short 48-game season. Habs were not a true 2nd place team in the East and would probably finish lower in a full season (6-10th). In 2011-12, the Kings would not have made ​​the playoffs in 48 games... Habs lucky to have Price, still believe that he has the talent necessary. People underestimate him, Subban, Eller and love players who are not coveted by other teams (with reason) like Desharnais, Diaz. Desharnais a prominent piece for 4 yrs? Not a 1 or 2 center on any winning NHL teams but given top time in MTL. Issues: look at when the only true big defenseman (Emelin) was lost
  • Comment on About last night … (2013-02-08 12:50:06)
    Agreed. Last AllStar game Price even called out Eller as the guy on the team with the scariest hands...
  • Comment on About last night … (2013-02-08 12:45:56)
    When is HIO gonna stop giving PJ the cheap shots...sad. Any chance Blunden gets a shot soon? Thought he had a good camp, and now with White blowing his chance again...
  • Comment on Eller signs for two years (2012-07-07 17:38:16)
    Ya he's in town. Was sitting next to him at Vago last week. Over heard things are going fairly well, he's doing ok. Who knows though right? Could have been PG 2.0 talking...
  • Comment on Hal Gill offers deep look inside his former Habs (2012-05-28 17:47:06)
    Probably "More shot on net, go to net, put puck in net... Start with more shot on net" or "I can't do nothing to play 4 look at game... you feel like freeze on bench" :)
  • Comment on About 2012 … with audio (2012-01-01 03:44:34)
    Completely hammered as well but completely agree. Things might not be all that great but I for one will consider the team to be underperforming and in a mad slump. Is the season a wash? Maybe (for all you realists...probably.) But mathematics say the Habs still have a shot and as I said I think they've definitely underperformed so far, so who knows what will happen. Either way, I'm glad Price and PK are restricted free agents so they get a chance at redemption (redemption more for PK than Price), I look at ¸what guys like Eller, Diaz, and Leblanc can bring to this team in a couple of years (or specifically after certain contracts expire). We have to sign Gorges though. The guy wants to play here, is well liked and a strong voice in the locker room from what I hear. He blocks shots with the back of his head (and plays the next game I think), and has clearly demonstrated (after a scary knee-bending incident early in the season) that his knee isn't in the same shape as Markov's and that he deserves a longer term deal. Under Gainey, who I do not blame for our current situation, our goldfish-memory "fans" quickly forget that 1) those were fair contracts at the time and were the norm to attract free agents in a world of exponentially growing salary caps 2) NO FREE AGENT WANTED TO COME TO MONTREAL UNTIL THAT SUMMER (sadly enough, the Gomez trade supposedly helped attract free agents). Say what you will, but we were heading off in the direction as a team lead by Chris Higgins, Lapierre, D'Agostini, Latendresse and the likes (SADDDDDDD). Sure McDonaugh has worked out well for the Rangers but he wouldn't save us from an even worse offense than we have now (ya...thats possible.) I'd much rather have a team with underperforming Cammys and Gios than have Higgins on our first line hitting posts week-in, week-out. No hope. Worst case, we dont make the playoffs this year... SUCKSS but for some players I hope its the wake-up call they need. I don't care how much Cammy loves golf, in the end hockey runs through his blood and he and others should show up to play next year. Only difference is our goaltending will still be a costing us a ton more than right now....opportunity missed.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades (2011-11-17 15:58:35)
    CapGeek gives a pretty dumbed-down explanation of the buyout in their FAQ and have a buyout calculator. In terms of cap hit, i thought it would be $3.5 for 4 years, but it turns out it would be $3.5M next season, $4.5M in two years, and years 3 and 4 would be $1.6M. Despite those numbers, Molson would be paying Gomez $6.67M over those 4 years as opposed to $10M. so it saves the owner $3M over 4 years, but the team would face a stiff cap hit that goes towards nothing and would save $3.8M in year 1 and $2.8M in year 2 to replace gomez. Id rather sit him in the minors, no cap hit, and look to trade him next year to a team scrambling to reach the cap floor
  • Comment on Too early to panic? (2011-09-30 15:06:52)
    Good post Bonzohabs... just looking at past preseason standings: 2010: Boston was 1-3-1, Toronto 5-3-1, Calgary was 7-0-0 and Edmonton was 4-2-0 2009: Chicago 1-2-1, Toronto 6-3, Pittsburgh 1-4-1 Guess we know why Toronto keeps falsely planning parades...
  • Comment on Canadiens practice, blow town (2011-09-30 14:58:22)
    They are obsessed with him... they think he is a fantasy hockey sleeper and that he can be our second line centre. Look at other NHL teams and tell me how he matches up to other number 2s...its sad. The guy does work hard and I like his game, but Antichambre will highlight a pass he makes and praise him, then show a bad gomez clip and knock him. Gomer made a nice pass to send patches in almost alone last night...Desharnais got lost in our own zone and showed his drive for the net by covering absolutely no one while screening Budaj completely on the 2nd goal... but l'antichambre doesn't focus on these things...