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  • Comment on Liveblog: Game 5 – Senators end Canadiens season (2013-05-09 17:07:57)
    Just saw Walrus being interviewed on TSN. Claims they are afraid of Budaj. Stated Budaj's record EXACTLY (8-1-1). Funny how he can't associate players names with their numbers, but knows Budaj's record. Hope he swallows his moustache.
  • Comment on About last night … (2013-04-21 12:57:07)
    Hi everybody, Living in the UK, from Montreal, love the Habs, watch every game, read all of your stuff. My 2 pence worth: -just worried about being ready for the playoffs. Nothing else matters. Especially if it's the Laffs. -Price: why all the discussion. He's our no. 1 for this year, and he has to be ready like everybody else. I have supreme confidence in him and he'll step up, but the team must play better in front of him. -tired: to that point, the boys are looking tired. Gallagher, Ryder, DD (I know, I know), Max Pac, Pleks....they are all looking tired. Back passes missing, losing 1 on 1's, D zone giveaways.......details aren't there = tired. Maybe lunchbag let down after clinching, but they need a spark. -Prust: hasn't been the same since he came back. Still hurting ? -Emelin: yes, we miss him more than we think. The D is off balance. Hopefully Diaz offsets that (thought he played well last night). -physicality: I know they can't bang with the big boys but they have to bang anyway. That'll keep them in the game. -GM / coaches: BIG challenge to get them back on track. We know what this team is capable of - they can skate with anybody and beat Pitt / Bos (SO glad the Bruins are slumping too) and therefore Chi / Ana. Am very confident they'll shake the funk, get back at it and grow those playoff beards - for those on the team who can........
  • Comment on Saturday pre-game reads (2012-01-14 08:59:16)
    Some random thoughts from a sunny but chilly UK: -Great trade. Addition by subtraction. Cammalleri was going through the motions. And if he was as toxic in the room as they say, even better. -Habs have a GREAT young nucleus. Eller, Leblanc, Subban, Gorges, Price, Max, Emelin, Diaz, Beaulieu, Gallagher. Mix in some of the younger vets - Pleks, Cole etc, and I'm VERY optimistic. -Thursday (watched on replay last night): Eller is getting better and better. Subtle but very smart moves, both ends. Gaining confidence. Showing leadership (in Lucic's face etc). Fun to watch. A captain in the future, I would say. Thought Blunden played his best game. Scoring chances, good D. You don't necessarily notice him, but he NEVER makes a mistake. Darche: he's Darche, but he brings it every time. Honest, team player. Can't knock that. Good role model for the kids. My only criticism last night (apart from Subban's showboating) was the Bruins took 5 or 6 liberties with the Habs (big hits, chippy etc) and NOBODY pushed back. Gotta get tougher. Gotta get grit. Watched the Bourque highlights - scores goals, but - for his size - was hoping to see a few hits, fights. Hope he brings sandpaper. Would be a big improvement over Cammalleri's handbag......... Off to the pub.
  • Comment on Stayin’ alive (2011-04-25 07:24:14)
    Hi all, First - time comments from a diehard Habs fan living in the UK. Having watched all the games, including Saturday's marathon until 4AM UK time, my two pence (literally) worth: 1) Habs are better than the Bruins. Bruins haven't beaten the Habs, the Habs have beaten themselves. Get it together for 60 mintes, like games 1 and 2, no problem. 2) Ryder's "miracle" save: it wasn't. The puck hit him, and he went hotdog after. Kudos for being in the right place at the right time, but it hit him. Plain and simple. Off to the pub now........