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  • Comment on Round 1, Game 5: Horton lifts Bruins over Habs (2011-04-24 21:01:39)
    As a lifelong Bruins fan, it has been tough to be the Habs practice squad before the playoffs. Now that we have a fairly decent, not great, but decent team, I'd like to personally thank you for Michael Ryder. He is very talented, but for some reason, he seldom puts forth 100%, unless of course he plays your team. I can forgive his lack of effort, if he plays as he does against your team. Chins up boys, even if you lose it all, and we win it all, most of our guys are Canadians. Many are French Canadians. You don't lose by allowing a town that loves hockey to win, just once in a while. A couple of more thoughts. I never really liked Carey Price, until ol TImmy Thomas took a swing at Carey and he did the classy thing and helped TIm up off the ice, and acted like a class act. What's the deal with your teams bringing up children, who have many bad playing habits and playing them in the playoffs at such a young age, full of bad habits? I speak of PK Subban. I watched him blow the change in game 4, allowing a 3 on 1 break, and we all know how that ended. In game 5, he tried to skate back and forth, and tried to turn so hard he blew an edge, coughing up the puck which almost led to a breakaway. I also watched Subban get the puck, with no Bruins near him, and he did a fancy pirouette, and skated up ice. I don't need to tell you what a bad habit that can be for a defenseman. He needs to spend a year or so with a tough minor league coach to work on all his bad habits. He is a very talented player, who may go down as one of the greatest someday, but he needs to stop with the unforced mistakes, and his mental mistakes during a game. I hope he becomes schooled in the right way to play defense, and I look forward to watching him learn to play defense the right way. And yes, there are a few of us down here in Boston who love, and know hockey. We played in high school and college, and love the game. We also love the rivalry between our two towns and hope it continues, but in good spirits and jest for many years. I know many of our fans can be jerks, but we do try to police them. Believe it or not, we actually appreciate that you did not boo our national anthem this year. We never did that to your anthem until it was done to us. We cheered your anthem loudly the last two times it has played in our house, and would hope you continue to do the same. And for all you Habitants fans who have remained classy throughout our years of rivalry, my hats off to you for fielding great teams and great players all these years!