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  • Comment on RFA White signs; Galchenyuk headlines development camp (2012-06-26 17:05:05)
    The point is moot. He'll be in Sarnia in the Fall due to the NHL not starting on time. This years' WJC should be fun however.
  • Comment on RFA-offer deadline looms for GM Bergevin (2012-06-25 09:56:36)
    Agreed. His contract isn't that bad considering he can kill penalties, has a great shot, is a big body and should be good for 20 goals. I thought maybe 5 guys had above average seasons last year hence picking Gally at #3 last Friday, but with a coaching staff that won't be as full of turmoil, hopefully, maybe Bourque will return to his 25-30 goal days with a little less frustration watching him float.
  • Comment on Liveblog: It’s Devils vs. Kings for the Stanley Cup (2012-05-26 14:15:11)
    There really can be no question now that Leapin' Lou belongs in the category of greatest G.M. of all time up there with Pollock and Selke. What he's done consistently, with a club as frugal as the Devils have always been, is nothing short of remarkable.
  • Comment on Liveblog: It’s Devils vs. Kings for the Stanley Cup (2012-05-26 14:11:31)
    I live in London. He's a faster Rob Schremp and his lack of a work ethic killed his career. The kid thinks he should be given ice time instead of earning it. He's the opposite of former 1st round pick Chris Tierney who is draft eligible and has played very well towards the end of the season because unlike Athanasiu he bought what the Hunters were selling. Kadri failed in London at times because he thought he walked with the Gods and his future is very shaky.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Capitals 3 Rangers 2 – series tied (2012-05-05 21:45:25)
    Yup. He scored the goal that brought them to within 2-1 after it looked like a Niagara rout. +3 on the night and his work in front of Houser (hey how about this guy for a late round flyer), was fantastic. I'm liking this guy more and more having seen a lot of him the last 2 years here in London. Still don't think the Knights can win, but Tinordi has become a real good defenceman and just the type of rear guard this organization lacks. Mean and nasty with a great stick.
  • Comment on Bergevin is GM; Gomez unaware of a buyout (2012-05-02 21:12:56)
    I think Cherry was referring to Dick Hunter, Dale, Mark and Dave's dad, but his horrible use of the english language muffs everything up. Poor bugger should be put out to pasture.
  • Comment on Multimedia: DD line shines in Canadiens’ win over Lightning (2012-04-04 22:44:56)
    Man, where would this team be without that line? Other than Pleks, there wasn't another forward on this team that seemed to break a sweat. And am I ever glad Vinny is Yzerman's problem for the next decade. He looks slower than molasses in January. The decline has started. His contract makes Gomez' look brilliant.
  • Comment on Determined Panthers host Habs (2012-02-26 11:17:55)
    This June...rated as the #2 goalie to go
  • Comment on Determined Panthers host Habs (2012-02-26 11:10:08)
    You caught him on a bad night Ian. Especially if you think he's slow. I live in London. The guy plays half the game unless the Knights have a ton of PP's and he's out against every teams top guys with Harrington. He won't be in Montreal for 2 years and it won't be for his offense. But watching a guy develop like this that is mean, can skate, makes life on his goalies easier and make a good first pass is going to be fun to watch when he's ready. My fear is that with the sad state of the defense right now, Hab brass will try and rush him when he clearly isn't ready. BTW, Gallagher with 2 more last night and Patrick Holland had 2 and 2 in his game.
  • Comment on Multimedia from Monday practice (2012-02-20 12:26:10)
    If the Caps came with an offer of Kuznetsov for Pleks would you do it? They HAVE to make the playoffs this year and with the uncertainty of Backstrom, they need a center for Ovi. By the time the Habs are ready for a serious playoff run, Pleks would be 31 or 32 and at the end of his deal. The mantra has to be get younger and more creative up front and Bigger and certainly tougher in front of Price on the back end. Enough with the band aids. Get a guy in place that is willing to make the high rick high reward moves that may get this team back on the right track. We've seen what drafting in the teens has done for this team the last 20 years. You spin tires waiting for these prospects to become the next Malkin or Weber, then move them too quick(McDonaugh) and look ridiculous in the process. There are some nice pieces to the puzzle. Price, PK, Maxpac, Cole DD, Emelin, Eller and some real good juniors on the way, so a complete re-build is not necessary. But for the love of Gawd, stop wasting money and valuable cap space on the Bourque's and Kaberle's of the world, continue to draft well, and develop better prospects with a bit more patience.