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  • Comment on Flyers fold (2011-05-08 12:06:51)
    Not true. Link please. What is true is Boston followed the rules by sending Bergeron to the quiet room for 10 minute eval, unlike the Canadiens in their series against Boston. One of the reasons you dont like Jack Edwards is because he called Habs on it. But when you are only skating 2 good lines against Bostons 3, you need to 'blur the rules'. 24 and done.
  • Comment on Gomez cops to bad season (2011-04-29 18:40:26)
    Really? Or is this just more we can do wrong, aqnd they are goons blather? I thought so. You werent embarassed when PK looked around, held the stick, then flung himself to the ice? Bad for PK, bad for the organizations fans whom spend so much time complaining with home team blinders on,(thats you) and bad for hockey. Its out of control, I mean Hamrlik sqirming on the ice for effect was not only embarrassing, but goal costly. The truth will set you free. You didnt lose because the B's are bullies, or Max being injured, or any of it. You didnt have the offense, and your defense was a little weak. Goal tending was great. You barely lost to a team that doesnt have enough offense, and poor special teams. Get over it, you focus on individuals and wish them ARRESTED? when the bigger picture eludes you. Watch Vancouver and learn, and stop blaming all your ills on the B's. Here you go: Max P. took a legal hit for a very unfortunate accident. Maybe little guys should not aim for a rock and a hard place, particularly if they are as gifted and quick as Max. Ference did nothing wrong, Lucic did nothing wrong. The rest of the league thinks you are buffoons for trying to prosecute Chara. Its a waste of time, and sour grapes. Where was your indignation when Savard had his career ended? (crickets chirping)
  • Comment on Gomez cops to bad season (2011-04-29 06:46:10)
    Credit to Gomez for owning his crappy season. Credit to him and his agent for landing such a great contract in NY, which was bought by the Canadiens. The beef is with PG for making such a poor trade. Gomez only had 16 goals/year in NY. and was a -2 for the 08-09year? Great expectations? What is to say PG wont do it again. Should trade PG. Mad? Be upset at PG for saddling the team with an expensive, aging, on the downward side of his career center. At least Gomez is man enough to own his performance, what about PG? Scott wins whether the Habs do or dont. Thanks Pierre Gauthier.
  • Comment on NHL won’t suspend Ference for hit on Halpern (2011-04-28 17:48:26)
    whoops, I guess you mean Capt. Gionta, Hal Gill, Max Pac, Paul Mara & Gomez like it too? Ya, your issue is not hockey, its nationalism, and hate
  • Comment on Quick Hits (2011-04-28 07:03:13)
    Well put, brave assessment as to why the season stops last night. Add to it JM playing only 2-3 lines against 4.
  • Comment on And that’s the season (2011-04-28 06:43:17)
    Good assessment. The B's pp was a problem before the playoffs. Horton, Kelley & Peverley were added from last year and are making Chiarelly & Neeley look good right about now.
  • Comment on About last night … (2011-04-27 17:07:45)
    Well Bugs, you bring nothing to this discussion, except piling on blather. I never said you fans here dont know the game, thats your blather. I know its untrue. I'm here to exchange views, sorry you cant take part. Your general implication that I'm A) from Boston, and B) I (we B's Fans) dont know the game are sadly incorrect. You are happy to shoot the messenger when yopu dont care for the message. Maybe you should read your OWN site bugsy, because I read your fans agreeing with some of my points. Ridicule away, it reduces you.
  • Comment on About last night … (2011-04-27 11:55:59)
    Well played, except its the Habs fans whom are sweating game 7. I disagree with the Lucic game misconduct, and the Major penalty call also. Maybe the police will open an investigation of Lucic too?
  • Comment on About last night … (2011-04-27 11:47:55)
    That was no error, play stops when the ref blows the whistle, You need to get a grip. Play after the whistle doesnt count. Was it a quick whistle? Yes, definitely. Was it an error? No, it's the rules, you know, you dont want a reputation of playing outside them do you?
  • Comment on About last night … (2011-04-27 11:45:12)
    You are right, I am wrong here, it is my opinion. A fact to me, but my opinion. The name calling is of me, or other B's fans isnt necessary though.