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  • Comment on Subban a finalist for Norris Trophy (2013-05-07 12:35:12)
    Subban is a great player that lacks any modicum of maturity and does not appear headed in the right direction in that regard. Anyone who thinks he showed character by pounding on Turris has been dibilitated by their blind loyalty to the jersey. As for denying that the coach has lost the team, you must not have heard the post game comments from Gionta, Patches and other Habs players who validated Macleans "protecting his players" comment and did not back their own coaches comments. I also noticed everyone instantly stopped quoting rule 48 the moment Bourque applied the head shot to Conacher. What is truly sad is that even Habs fans are now clamouring for bigger, more violent players in order to secure a cup win. Now , you just want to become everything that you have always hated . Now a Torres is the dream, not a Beliveau or Lafleur. Sad to see the direction we are going in. The Americanization of hockey, MMA on skates. White being out can only help Hab's chances tonight.
  • Comment on New series (2011-04-22 15:59:35)
    Boston has not looked like a Cup contender and has not put together a complete game in four opportunities. Montreal has every chance to take this series. The bad news is that as Lucic continues to be a complete non factor , players like Bergeron , Ryder and Kelly seem to be taking things upon their shoulders and getting it done. If Boston get cocky and take penalties in Game 5, Habs will prevail and come home to win it in six. If Habs pull it off, fans will marvel at their magnificent team of warriors. Should they lose, it will all be Jacqes Martins fault. Neither of these teams look like Cup contenders, enjoy the moment. Joe 12 pack king of tribalistic jingoism
  • Comment on New series (2011-04-22 15:45:32)
    joe 12 pack king of tribalistic jingoism
  • Comment on About last night … (2011-04-22 15:44:29)
    joe 12 pack king of tribalistic jingoism