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  • Comment on Video from the last morning in Brossard (2012-04-09 14:15:00)
    Have to admit, I've done a 180 on Price. Wasn't thrilled when he seemed to have just been handed the job a few years back but I've really come to respect his quiet determination, his mostly unflappable nature and his clear dedication to his teammates (it's clear they like him too). He's even got a very good sense of humour from what I can tell (interaction with media, all-star game antics etc.). I hope he's on the Habs for many years to come. Thanks for reading this and take care.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Canadiens rally late but lose road trip opener 5-4 (2012-03-07 00:01:17)
    The good: First line, as it has all year, carried the team. Patches played well, Desharnais worked hard and Cole, well, he's the MVP of the team as far as I'm concerned. The bad: Price's blunder on the fifth goal. Hey, these things happen. The ugly: One word -- Kaberle. Hate to be so negative about this guy but does he ever do the right thing? He never covers anyone, wanders around aimlessly in the offensive zone, pinches at the wrong time and has a shot that wouldn't scare Miss Daisy. As bad as the Gomez trade has turned out to be for the Habs, at least Scotty gave us a good first year in bleu, blance et rouge and Pyatt was a serviceable player for a bit. Kaberle zoned out the minute he won the Cup last year with the Booins. And we have him for two more years. Ouch.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Plus ├ža change … Devils 5 – Canadiens 3 (2011-12-17 21:28:07)
    La tradition continue... Another brutal third period.
  • Comment on About last night … (2011-11-13 01:21:55)
    In a surprise development, PJ and the gang at Hockey Night in Boston thought Milan was perfectly within his rights. Quelle surprise!
  • Comment on Happy birthday to the MVC (2011-08-16 23:18:41)
    What I like about Carey, besides his obvious ability and commitment to team, is how much fun he seems to have playing the game. Whether it's sharing a laugh with Kovy after making a save on his former Habs teammate, crossing his arms after beating the Pens in a shootout or his entertaining ritual with PK after games, Mr. Price seems to be having a good time. I like a little swagger -- especially when you can back it up with great play -- but also someone who realizes how amazing it is to be able to make a lot of money playing a game you grew up loving. So here's to Carey, to PK, to Cammy and hey, even to Gomer (despite his obvious need to play better this coming season) who know how to have fun and keep the fans entertained.
  • Comment on From his keyboard to No. 11’s ears (2011-08-13 12:13:05)
    While a rebound year for Gomez would be good, the key to the Habs' success is entirely based on the ice -- or more precisely, what is just above the ice. If you watch footage from 1993 or previous seasons at The Forum, the baseboards above the ice are blue (I remember the Minnesota North Stars used to have green trim above the ice too). Then, the following season, the baseboards were changed to yellow, like they are in all NHL rinks today. I'm not sure if the league passed some regulation that all arenas had to have yellow baseboards but ever since then, we've only even come within spitting distance of Lord Stanley, in 2010. So clearly, the key to victory is a fresh coat of blue paint.
  • Comment on From his keyboard to No. 11’s ears (2011-08-13 12:07:31)
    Agreed. The return for SK74 was definitely underwhelming. Yes, sometimes a player and a team need a change and sometimes addition by subtraction is a good thing but if AK is moved, I'd rather not get a couple of average AHL players in return.
  • Comment on Martin tees off (2011-07-17 21:05:22)
    That's the best description of the Bruins' jersey I've ever heard! Love it! Completely agree with the rest of your post too.
  • Comment on Martin tees off (2011-07-17 19:47:57)
    Wonder how Jack (insert opposite of "on" here) feels about Benny now?
  • Comment on So how do you like your Montreal Canadiens? (2011-07-02 13:36:47)
    Good column Mike! Loved you last comment too. Somehow, I have this awful feeling that he'll be like Ryder and score all kinds of big goals against us. I still remember Vladimir Vujtek (a throw-in in the Vinny Damphousse trade who amounted to nothing in the NHL) scoring twice against the Habs in one game back in 1992-93. Everyone gets up to play their old team but it just seems like ex-Habs are particularly motivated.