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  • Comment on Pouliot odd man out at practice, no confirmation on Game 4 lineup (2011-04-20 15:33:26)
    Pouliot is abolutely worthless. I don't mean to flame, but the thing is, BP has been getting the minutes for a good portion of the latter half of the season, and he just hasn't been putting up the o-numbers. He is an offensive player, so, he has to put up o-numbers. He even gets occasional pp minutes. He just doesn't bring anything to the team. He doesn't hit (with any kind of regularity or noteworthy efficiency), he doesn't score (as the previously mentioned), he doesn't irritate, he doesn't fight, he doesn't PK, he's not a defensive stalwart, he's just riding the team. Dominic Moore, Max Laps, even G. Laraque would all bring more than this player does. Insert any player on the Canadiens roster in his place, likely is a better contributor than BPoul.BPoul's only saving grace is his offense, but the last 30 games has clearly shown that he is not the player that can play on the first two lines, and he doesn't have the style to be the player that can play on the last two