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  • Comment on No brooms for the Bruins (2011-04-19 12:43:05)
    I agree. I was in the same boat last night. The guy is rediculous, and definitely crosses the line. Redicule of mockery in the NHL? The Canadiens have the most tradition and best fan base. Eat it Jack Edwards!
  • Comment on No brooms for the Bruins (2011-04-19 10:40:35)
    Yes it was terrible. But no better way to escape that idiot then by taking a train up to Montreal for Game 4 and watching it myself!
  • Comment on No brooms for the Bruins (2011-04-19 10:22:57)
    A little side note to last night's game. I'm a diehard Canadiens fan living in the US, and with versus showing the Sabres game, I was forced to watch the game online with the Boston Bruins telecast...JACK EDWARDS is an idiot. It's one thing to be biased because you're commentating on a certain teams channel, but he was rediculous at times. He called Pouliot the biggest waste of talent in the NHL(which may be true but regardless it shouldnt be said on TV), and at one point in the third period he literally yelled "GET UP" when Hamrlik was down and then he said that the Habs were trying to get cheap calls from the referees. I hate Boston, and lately its not been the players that have been increasing my hate, but Jack Edwards. I will NEVER listen to that idiot again.