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  • Comment on About last night … (2014-03-06 11:25:19)
    I agree Gallagher is a sparkplug, but he will be one on any line. Notice that if it is four on four you always see DD with MP out there. That is where the chemistry is. Give Briere a chance to prove his late season / playoff worth like he has done in the past with Philly. every year he came up big late season and playoffs. The EGG line was successful through to when they broke them up. No doubt Vanek on the other line will create that big threat as well. If Briere doesn't work out go to Bourque (or better Prust when he gets back).
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-03-06 11:09:27)
    OK here is my suggested forward line-up. I know it may likely ruffle a few but now's as good a time as any to try something out before we get too late in the season. It's all about preparing for playoffs with at 3 scoring lines. Pacioretty-Desharnais-Briere : Plekanec-Gionta-Vanek : Gallagher-Eller-Galchenyuk : Weise-White-Moen
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-01-15 09:23:53)
    Well, well. Such enthusiastic remarks form the players following the battle with Chicago and how this may be the start of something special. Special it was not.... I could say that another game of 7 D-men and again one of their worst D performances, but I won't :-). My biggest problem is watching them play this hesitant style of game. It seems that they carry the puck so slowly up the ice when we are suppose to be a speedy team. Why are we not seeing PK and/or Markov carrying the puck confidently up the middle anymore. No gamble, no reward. I see them moving and then circling back and going side to side. I dearly hope to see some management activity over the course of the next to prepare for playoffs. I just don't see them going very deep with this crew. (although probably not much value to them - exception Diaz and Eller) The trade material I see are Diaz, Bourque, Ellar, Prust, Emelin, Briere and Bouillon. Let's do some shopping....
  • Comment on It’s official: first two weeks of NHL season cancelled (2012-10-05 09:21:01)
    Unbelievable! It is to the point that both players and owners are showing they truly do not care about what makes the sport and their franchises so great. If it weren't for the pasionnate fans that follow this "Great" game of ours, there would be no discussion on the table. Why does all this money come in to your sport? Because of us! Who ultimately pays for the players salaries and the owners profits? again us! There was a time (very early in my time in life) where people owned a team because they wanted to bring a championship to their city and players were simply excited that they could support their family while playing a sport they love in a town that loves to watch them play. I do not carewhether you call it a lockout or a strike. The results is the same. I will look forward to watching the juniors play in December.
  • Comment on Are Canadiens fans losing faith? (2012-01-20 08:55:23)
    OK folks, I am as disappointed and anyone with the performance of our "Habitants", It is painful to watch them on TV and go see them live. I recall a group of MTL fans that came up to Philadelphia to watch whowere sitting two rows in front of me. My son sporting his Plekanec jersey, they all wearing various versions of the habs jersey. We faithfully supported the team as always but of course, another loss. One flyer fan in between us jaunting the visiting habs fans and the appropriate comment I heard as come back was "Hey what can we do, we hate the coach, the players are playing without any heart (OK, they actually used a more prafane version) but we have to support the team because they are our Canadiens". I will always support them to the end of time but I now find myself spending time wondering how low we can go and keeping an eye in the points total of the 2000-2001 season (70 points and the lowest point total in modern era for the habs - 50 yrs). We would need a record of 15-21 through the rest of the season to avoid tying that abominal record. Whew, discouraging thoughts.....
  • Comment on Morning-after musings on Canadiens’ loss (2011-11-09 08:54:48)
    As we near the end of the 1st quarter of the season ending it seems that the team is still trying to figure out who should be playing with who. I understand injuries can impact line-ups but we need to establsih some continuity in the flow of the game and that requires chemistry on the ice. Jacques Martin seems to think you can go with spur of the moment changes in the middle of the game and expect pieces to simply fall together. This isn't baseball's (money ball sport) and chemistry is what builds a team to greatness. Right now I see none of that going on and it seems that eveyone is simply trying to play scientific hockey (presumably form instruction of the head coach) instead of playing with heart and grit. I believe it is time for a change at the helm and bring emotion back to Montreal's game. Habs' Player of the night against the Oilers was definately Eric Cole.
  • Comment on About last night … (2011-04-19 13:34:39)
    I would love to listen to the French broadcasters. They appear to be the only ones that take pride in true play by play. a couple of times this year I watched a game on Center ice with french broadcasters and it was refeshing. Of course there will always be a slant towards the home team but it will not be a complaining or bashing festival about the other teams' players. Go Habs Go!
  • Comment on About last night … (2011-04-19 10:29:43)
    I am a life long Habs fan and will always support my team I think they showed a lot of grit in their comback effort and look forward to Thursday matchup. What I am most frustrated about is that I am living in the U.S. and see most games via the Center Ice package and have to listen usally to the U.S. team broadcasts (even if they are the away team). I am so tired of having to listen to the game with those gosh awful local Boston broadcasters (Florida is no better). They are horribly biased and actaul take the fun out of watching the game. The have no concept of true play by play as they spend their air time commenting their rather obtuse opinions of each end every play. I even have tried to listen to the game via a radio broadcast (while watching) but the sunchronization is too delayed. I long for the return of the true play by play broadcasters.