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  • Comment on Liveblog: Leafs at Canadiens (2013-02-09 22:56:46)
    hmmm, interesting, a meaningless response with a derogatory comment.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Leafs at Canadiens (2013-02-09 22:46:57)
    This season is a win/win. It is experience for everyone: the kids, management, and the cornerstone players. Just ride it out guys, we aren't winning a cup this year its obvious. Please trust MB and MT to get it done. They've made a few small changes and its been great so far. If we make the playoffs - more experience. If we don't - better draft. it's only 3 months. Enjoy the positive organizational direction shift. One step at a time. This is a good game to learn a good lesson against a bad team. let's play our game, not follow others' - this is when we get in trouble. LESSON LEARNED - MOVE ON
  • Comment on Liveblog: Leafs at Canadiens (2013-02-09 22:20:10)
    im with you windsorhab-10 markov was weak on the first goal and the start was terrible. We were off, tired, and didn't want to play anymore. Thats all there is to it, next game should be diff. (like you - I hope)
  • Comment on Liveblog: Leafs at Canadiens (2013-02-09 22:08:16)
    Boone, almost as hard to take as the HNIC guys tonite. I thought our guys did poorly, but the heart did not falter. (As it would have with JM)
  • Comment on About last night … (2013-02-08 08:41:47)
    One point in a back to back game, on the road, back up goalie, after facing the bruins, and against a decent team. I'll take that all season. i wonder who has the beat record in the second of back to back games and would like to see where they land at the end of the season.
  • Comment on Kovalev returns to Bell Centre Tuesday night (2013-01-21 12:09:21)
    It's hard to argue against that Timo - and after current events. Plekanec can sure act like a brat. However, penalties aside, I feel with the puck he's quite responsible. With Subban - I just don't want to hurt our chances in the future for a fix right now. We're not close... The cup is years away. His contract price will be higher due to perceived potential, but must also be hedged against for possible let down as well. I hope we can meet in the middle. I hope MB doesn't fold to media pressure - I don't think he will.
  • Comment on Kovalev returns to Bell Centre Tuesday night (2013-01-21 11:43:58)
    I think Subban is great. The question is how great? He offers certain intangibles such as a very high level of charisma which can be good and bad. His physical abilities cannot be denied but he can also be irresponsible. He is a sparkplug. Dare I say, Subban does not a core player make. However, he provides certain elements which can get a team with a good core fired up and really tip the scales in that team's favor. He's the cherry on top - the icing on the cake. I don't want to pay $5M for a decoration. - Even if it is a lot of fun to look at ! Don't get me wrong, I think Subban is great and I would sign em for a max of $4,701,131 … 1 more dollar and I prefer the first, second, and third round picks from an offer sheet. Let's build this team. We're not beating the Pens, Rangers, Flyers, Bruins, Canucks, Kings, or Blackhawks for a while. We need core pieces !!!
  • Comment on Game on! Boone returns to HIO with live blog (2013-01-19 10:25:58)
    Sign em for a max of $4,701,131 ... 1 more dollar and I prefer the first, second, and third round picks from an offer sheet.
  • Comment on Could this be Cole’s last season in the NHL? (2013-01-11 16:17:17)
    Testing montrealais a denver avatar
  • Comment on Meet the Habs’ new management team (2012-09-14 08:34:57)
    Habs wouldn't win the cup this year anyway. Here's to some more rebuilding time without media pressure! perhaps a lockout is a blessing in disguise for the habs!