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Favorite current player: PK Subban
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  • Comment on Canada’s Team is in BIG trouble (2011-06-08 22:52:57)
    Remind me, was Julien such a Wally when he coached our team? I honestly must have been blind to it because I thought he was a better man than he seems to be now. He teaches his team these stupid antics!
  • Comment on Canada’s Team is in BIG trouble (2011-06-08 22:41:04)
    I am still pretty excited about the upcoming season and the draft too. The Vancouver series is interesting, but seeing the Canadiens play again soon is what we all want!
  • Comment on Canada’s Team is in BIG trouble (2011-06-08 22:37:15)
    He is already annoying, that ship has sailed, we should sink it! Every time those wieners score an innocent kitten dies!
  • Comment on Subban changing tires on Crescent St. tomorrow (2011-06-08 22:30:16)
    Not sure that HH is a Habs fan? Regardless of his size, pretty exciting potential and fingers crossed, all of these guys develop and contribute some day! It would be nice to see one or two of them make it soon!
  • Comment on Subban changing tires on Crescent St. tomorrow (2011-06-08 22:25:37)
    Dumba$$, not every trip that the PM makes is paid for by your tax dollars which probably do not amount to a whole lot as I suspect you are one of the under employed anti-Conservative whiners. I would think that if you have a Federal or Provincial job that my tax dollars fund would truly be a waste of our tax dollars. Leave it to you yet again to bring up your stupid political opinions on this hockey site. Go Habs Go.
  • Comment on Boivin tells it like it is (2011-05-19 04:44:30)
    Great bring on the political insults because all you Liberal Habs fans are smarter than us Conservative Habs fans. Geez, do you guys understand that the Montreal Canadiens are in fact a Corporation and without such successful corporations literally generating the capital that creates jobs and therefore people who pay taxes, you would get almost nothing from that government you slam so readily? Keep the focus on hockey as I enjoy reading the hockey analysis, but enough with the politically infused comments! Such comments only divide us from a Montreal team that we are united in supporting. Oh, lay off Cherry's support of those of us in uniform and just bow your head for a few seconds to remember the troops as only he seems to do. While i dislike his obvious hate against the Canadiens, i am glad he takes the time during one of the most watched segments in Canada to remind us all about the troops. FYI, one of the Habs most prominent former owners, Senator Molson was a very successful RCAF fighter pilot with the first RCAF squadron overseas during the Battle of Britain so he would certainly welcome Mr. Cherry honouring his brothers and sisters in arms. Go Habs Go!
  • Comment on Boivin tells it like it is (2011-05-19 04:25:20)
    Re: Don Cherry being a politico on CBC, that is pure rubbish. He is one of the few traditional Conservatives on that trash network our mostly Conservative tax dollars pay for. While I do not like his Toronto and Boston favoritism, as a serving military officer, I welcome all the support we can get. Just because he likes a different hockey teamthn me does not mean anything really. He is a favorite when he visits us and he is respectful when one of us pays the ultimate price. I am sorry that annoys some of you or takes you away from whatever better things you have to listen to, but while I am an ardent Hab fan, my country is my most important team. With respect to language issues and the running of the Canadiens, I say it should not matter one bit. I could care less what my bosses speak as long as we succeed at our tasks and get the job done correctly at all times. As a francophone, I am not better suited for my job just because of my language, but I am responsible to my organization and in the case of a hockey team, everyone in management is responsible to the players, the fans, the employees and yes, the shareholders. With that being a general business practice, while being bilingual has it's uses, this French Canadian does not care what language or nationality any member of this team speaks or is, as long as they give it their all and are genuine in their attempts to win more championships for our Canadiens. Per Ardua Ad Astra.
  • Comment on Another night of great hockey (2011-05-04 21:25:11)
    Still, it would be nice if he was less biased. It is frustrating to listen to him slam our Canadiens. I think he is entertaining, but I would love him to be a little less obvious. The whole CBC does little that actually represents the values of Canadians, but despite his bias, I like him better than most of the other hockey people like Cole! Per Ardua Ad Astra.
  • Comment on Another night of great hockey (2011-05-04 21:20:50)
    Foolish comment, stick to hockey and stop insulting my Prime Minister. You bring dishonor to the rest of us Habs fans.
  • Comment on About last night … (2011-04-25 04:37:11)
    Agreed Chris, nothing wrong with beliefs! As much as I know we have to let these guys have their anti-religion rants on a hockey site, I know that there are no atheists in fox holes as the say. It bugs me as well when they question the intelligence of people who think differently as has been mentioned on this site. Besides, We certainly could use a little faith and help now. I just want the Habs to win and if not, get better for next year. I have airmen who are deployed overseas who take the time to bug me when the Habs lose and I want to be able to not get their comments from so far LOL!