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  • Comment on Multimedia/Update: Betts out with minor lower-body injury (2011-10-06 12:29:33)
    I'm no expert but I must say I'm not at all optimistic about the Habs defense. I think we'd be lucky to get in the playoffs at 8th unless there is an important transaction. I never got it why everyone used to poop on Hamrlik last year when he was one of the most consistent Dmen last year. So now without Markov our 4 best Dmen are: "Skill" Gill, Gorges, Subban, Spacek? Diaz and Yemelin are works in progress (as they should be) and you can't expect them to step in and play like a veteran. They will make mistakes. Throw in a Campoli in there and it's already more respectable but still not world beaters. Last year, even without Markov, we had a great defense (with Wiz and Hamrlik) but seemed to lack punch on the attack with a slumping Gomez and an injured Paccioretty. This year, with the addition of Cole and a motivated Gomez, we seem to have come about face with a solid/responsible attack but with a questionable D. For that reason, I think this team is weaker, not improved from the last 2 years.
  • Comment on Update as Game 7 approaches (2011-04-27 15:28:47)
    I for one hated the Chara hit as I though it was a deliberate attempt to injure by pushing a helpless/out of balace player into a part of the playing area that would cause great bodily harm. The Lucic hit was from 3/4 behind and was nearly from the side. I believe he was trying to make a physical play and miscalculated his and the defenseless players position. It's hard to change your mind in a split second when you are going to hit somebody. As to all the things you mention, remember that the Bruins are Colin Campbell's son's team and that as we have discovered from his leeked e-mail communications, Campbell is a very partial and biased head of dicipline. There you have it.
  • Comment on Updated with audio: How sick is he? (2011-04-18 01:15:19)
    i don't see it happening. I've come to the conclusion that the officials try to referee in a way that makes it seem like they aren't altering the course of the match. When they gave the habs the PP in the first period that immediately lead to the second goal, the Bruins were getting away with mad cross checking for a whole two periods and then as soon as Hal Gill pushes a player out from in front of the net, it's a penalty. No use complaining about it, it's just the way it is. We just have to keep capitalising on the few PP we have and we'll be fine. Unlucky for the Bruins, we happen to be top of the league on the PK.
  • Comment on Updated with audio: How sick is he? (2011-04-18 00:46:06)
    Good point. However, if you put in Rask and it doesn't pay off, it seems to me that you've crossed the point of no return. Thus I would equate putting in Rask as a "last ditch effort" because I just don't see Thomas coming back in after a weak goal or two and then turning the series around. In that sense, it might not be worth the "rask"! Thanks, folks, I'm here all night.
  • Comment on Updated with audio: How sick is he? (2011-04-18 00:04:56)
    I believe that starting Tukka Rask would be a ridiculous idea. Tim Thomas is in no way responsible for any of the two losses. As a matter of fact, he nearly single handedly changed the course of the game with a clutch save against Pleky on a breakaway that was follow shortly after by the Bruins only goal. The Bruins had a spark for about 5 minutes after that before falling flat again. If the habs take a multigoal lead I could see Rask coming in as an act of desparation to try and change things up but I don't see him starting. The only reason for starting Tukka is to give Thomas a longer stick and asking him to go score some goals because his team can't seem to produce anything.