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Habs fan since: 1960
Favorite current player: Tomas Plekanic
All-time favorite player: Guy Lafleur


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  • Comment on Quick Hits (2011-04-19 01:38:00)
    First Power play lineup; Plekanic- Ak46 - Gionta D - Subban and Weber Never put Gomer on the PP... ever! And perhaps have him visit Hamilton to see what it looks like to play for peanuts!
  • Comment on Put the brooms away (2011-04-19 00:52:09)
    Sorry... after giving Gomer full marks in game 1 (finally!) He made me want to throw my beer at the TV again tonight. Short passes - miss. shot on net - miss. scramble in the crease - miss! Carey made a mistake and paid the Price, but really he won both games in Boston, so let's give him a break. AK 46 looked great and waiting for Cammy and Gionta to make it right! Maybe Gomer should grow his hair back?!? It worked for Samson... so....
  • Comment on About last night … (2011-04-17 15:38:43)
    I give FULL credit to Kirk Muller as the conductor that leads the orchestra. Blocked shots... closed passing lanes... clear out the crease area! Milan who? Krajci? Horton hears a who? Stay on the outside boys... the centre belongs to us! I bet they try to take out Subbie and benches clear. Go Habs GO!