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  • Comment on About last night … (2013-04-24 18:19:03)
    I maintain that the solution to the goaltending problem is to sign Manny Yarbrough. He's got to be 50 inches wide at the waist, so with another 5 inches for padding, add on another 12 inches for his arms and padding around the arms makes a whopping 67 inches wide! Because of his height, his upper body will easily cover most of the net. His size alone would stop 95% of shots. Leaning to the left or right would stop the rest. Only way to score would be to catch him leaning the wrong way, or a perfect shot to the top corners.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Capitals at Canadiens (2013-04-20 23:48:47)
    I have the solution: trade or buyout Price at the end of the season and sign sumo wrestler Yarborough. Yes he's 48, but when he has no clothes on he will cover 80% of the net, with Luongo like padding on him he'll definitely cover 100% of the net. Chances are he will need thicker padding than Luongo to protect his body since he won't be able to move much. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=oH3_jSDKpi8#!
  • Comment on Gomez sent home, he’ll be bought out (2013-01-13 15:09:22)
    It's awfully misleading to say that ticket prices are set by supply and demand. There are things like barriers to entry to start a new league, trade secrets, marketing talent, and of course the political agenda of the day that all play large roles in ticket prices. Unfortunately politics is not a legitimate institution. It's an artificial institution that serves a purpose to sustain and grow its power over people. And corporations are also artificial institutions under the political umbrella that people use to hide from accountability. Make no mistake the NHL is a political tool, and the structure of the organization is entirely politically driven. Yes, if people are willing to pay the price, they will continue to increase it, but what I'm for is to allow children to buy tickets over adults, because when I was growing up in the 80's it was getting hard to go to games at the forum, and i only saw a few games. In short, to hell with politics, let people who we want to benefit from something benefit.
  • Comment on Gomez sent home, he’ll be bought out (2013-01-13 13:52:33)
    Once again tsn censored my comments. Gomez paid millions and millions to NOT play hockey. What's new? If that doesn't prove to everyone that contract law is a joke, I don't know what can. It is ridiculous enough that they are paid anything more than $100k, considering that they are only paid to play a game and their actual time on the ice amounts to 2 days a year. Let some children see them play for 50 cents a seat. All of this because corporations see contracts as sacrosanct - it makes me barf. Yes contracts are practical for putting pressure on workers to get a certain job done, however even that part I disagree with because a person would do a better job anyway if that pressure was coming from within himself. We don't need artificial constructs to replace common values.
  • Comment on Therrien “frustrated and disappointed” by lockout (2012-09-20 12:05:49)
    The NHL is a bogus league. I am out as a fan. -Far too many rules that make it boring to watch, -too many time outs, -out of shape players, -overpaid players [At an hourly rate of 16 000 to 220 000 % more than the average hourly wage, nothing could be more of a farce on the planet, especially since they will be paid for not working if injured or - like Laraque, not wanted to work] -perhaps worst of all, the NHL is not even a professional organization. It's going on 6 consecutive months that teams have not even practiced together, and they claim to be professional?? And they're still going to charge us the same amount as before all the vacation time? Mathieu Darche recently said that he thought players should be paid more because they are both the product and the worker. It's true, but it's sad that a worker has to be diminished to a product just to get more money, they might as well call themselves prostitutes. A new league needs to start up now. One with just one referee on the ice (basically to drop pucks, and three off to call penalties, like judges in boxing), players paid no more than 600% over the average hourly wage. And paid only if they play and nothing if they don't. [Talk about a way to bring respect btw players back, just take away their salary if they are injured] They're incapable of working, so I don't see why they should be paid for work not done. Take the lines out, and allow continuous play until someone scores. Now that's what I would pay $5 to watch.
  • Comment on NHLPA, Canadiens players lose Round 1 (2012-09-14 18:45:47)
    Wow, all my comments are being censored at TSN!!! I can't believe them, they're totally censoring me, and I'm just putting in my two cents worth in proper english, absolutely nothing to offend anybody! A lot of the comments I read attack other commentors, how come those aren't deleted, eh tsn?? If they have it in for me, I'm boycotting them. All I wanted to point out was that we should be very concerned that not ONE player has come forward and said "I want to play, so screw you NHLPA, screw you agents, I'm playing". It probably means that some strong arm tactics and threats are being put on the players to go along with the plan. There is no other reason. You might think they are greedy, however I assure you there are players that would play in the NHL for $100 000/year. Given all the perks that come with it, it's a pretty good deal for what amounts to 2 days of work (adding up all the ice time over an entire season). Mathieu Darche recently said he thought they are worth millions because the players are both labourers and the product at the same time. So are prostitutes Mathieu. I think people would appreciate it if tickets cost them $10 instead of $100 and since the owners always like to make a big show of players supporting charities, the owners can donate more to charities. It would save them a bundle on taxes.
  • Comment on CBA talks turn sour (2012-08-10 10:50:22)
    I have no problem with players earning 500 times the average salary for what amounts to 2 days of work [summing up their ice time over a season] per year. Some of them don't even have to work at all, if they happen to be injured or paid not to play like George Laraque. That might be a slap in the face to some people, but a person has to consider the way our society is structured. People at the highest levels of our plutocratic hierarchy do not need to work because they are part of the establishment. For example, if you are an established money manufacturer, nobody else can do that job because it defeats its purpose. Likewise hockey players and owners do not need to work, and indeed a good player working for 48hrs/year is hardly working, but since that money is guaranteed, nobody else can do that job regardless of their ABILITY to do it. In a hierarchy, you can't have 2 kings.
  • Comment on Quick Hits (2011-04-17 14:48:54)
    God's retribution on Chara for his hit on Pacioretty. Sweaty palms and dizziness. God has a sense of humour.