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  • Comment on Liveblog: Price hangs a goose egg on Bruins (2014-11-22 18:54:03)
    Every time Weise scores it reminds me of Klark Kent aka Stewart Copeland .
  • Comment on Canadiens send Jarred Tinordi down to Hamilton, try new look on power play (2014-11-12 22:54:48)
    This might sound heretical to those who are believers in party politics and Bettman's NHL system - but why not lend players to other NHL teams for a few games? Coaches are allowed to switch allegiances, sometimes in season. Players often return to teams after playing for another team. Why not do it on a more short term basis? If team A has an injury and needs help on D, and team B has a better D available to play than what team A has on their rosters, who really cares who the player plays for? Maybe that should answer Therrien's conundrum.
  • Comment on Canadiens put Rene Bourque on waivers, recall Jarred Tinordi from Hamilton (2014-11-09 23:38:38)
    I'm not sure where MB and MT are going wrong, but it's not a good sign when they have to waive Bourque. Maybe the league is too competitive. It's definitely not fun to watch compared to the old forum days. The players don't have time to take a breath with the puck. That's not fun, it's awkward. Players are being paid to not play. The Lecavalier buyout was a total joke. What a slap in the face of hockey fans when their money is spent on making sure a player doesn't play. It's Bettman's league, and I really think he's done a great job of trashing it. Go back to the NBA, the loser league you came from.
  • Comment on Habs fanatic in South Korea follows team on HI/O (2014-11-01 03:44:21)
    I'm actually in Ukraine now, spent 30 years in Montreal - so naturally I had a poster of Patrick Roy and also Gary Carter. Only went to a handful of games at the forum and only 1 at the Bell center (habs beat the bruins like 7-3 i think). The current edition looks about as good as I've ever seen in my life, although by next season I think the Subban contract is really going to make signing others really difficult. It's kinda nice to hear Andy's story, he sounds happy as a canadian abroad. I too have an english club which i volunteer for, but it's not like I'm teaching or anything, they do have english in the curriculum here.
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-10-29 02:13:33)
    I think people forget the NHL is a business, and a very big business at that. There are also back door deals going on with betting agencies and governments these days to even out the odds of winning. That's the whole point behind contriving the cap system, and having a standings reversed draft etc etc. It isn't written in stone, but the refs do have pressure on them by the league to try and keep fans happy and games close.
  • Comment on Bouillon hopes to keep playing after being released by Canadiens (2014-10-06 17:22:12)
    With regards to entering the season without an enforcer, I think things even out over time. The thing about getting gooned in the nhl is that you can't do it twice to the same player. Chara busted up Pacioretty into the stanchion once, then when he had the opportunity again last season in the playoffs, he had no choice but to back down for fear of damaging his reputation for targeting the same star player a second time. [ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GA21yNBVDYU ] Look at Matt Cooke and how he has been demonized and has been forced to try and skill up his game. It isn't that teams won't fight anymore, they will continue to fight, but the reasons for fighting are going down because there are fewer and fewer incidents that justify fighting. Most of the fights that happen now are to "spark" a team that's down, not because a star player was deliberately injured. But there are more effective ways to spark a team aside from scoring, like dominating face-offs and killing penalties. Hence the signing of Malhotra. It's wayyy more useful given the recent decline of goonery. If there were more players pulling off Cookes and Charas, then it would make more sense to sign a fighter.
  • Comment on Cournoyer speaks about vacant Habs captaincy (2014-08-25 21:51:25)
    I would keep Markov for this season and trade Subban asap. Markov can be dealt at season's end or if they're out of the playoffs he can go at the deadline. The big thing that I see with playing with the cap game is how best to spend the money. And my take is, you have to pay the money for goals. Good defensemen are fairly common in the league, even good playmaking forwards. That's why Boston improved after trading Joe Thornton. He isn't the best goal scorer, and when it comes to winning, you need someone who can put the puck in the net. Toews is fine at $10M, because he scores in the clutch. As a defenseman, you have to prevent goals in key situations, and there are plenty of defensmen that can do the job. I only gave Hedman as an example because he's in the same class offensively as Subban - if you want to nitpick about when the contracts are signed, then you lose the result as the benchmark. And it's the result that matters, not when the contract is signed. As for the offense and skills that Subban brings, of course those are rare, but it still isn't going to produce nearly as much as a goalscorer you pay $9M. D Keith at $5.5/season is also a much better situation than Subban, and it's a more tradeable contract, even Suter at $7.5 is slightly better than Subban's deal. Also consider what brings success in the rest of the league. Hampus Lindholm did quite well at 20 min/game as a rookie in arguably the toughest division in hockey. If you have the power up front, you can thrive with "good enough" on D. That's what will make Subban's contract untradeable. There are a lot of defensemen coming into the league who will bring salaries down.
  • Comment on Cournoyer speaks about vacant Habs captaincy (2014-08-25 20:11:35)
    Judging from what MB is paying Pacio and Subban, he is in total agreement with you. However I wouldn't hesitate to trade Subban before the season, or even after a few games because I think the contract is too much for him to live up to. He has to be over twice as good as Hedman in the next three seasons in order to justify his salary, and that's not going to happen. Hedman is probably going to be better than him, if not just as good. Rookie GMs will make mistakes, but if Yzerman is doing twice as well as Bergevin on signings, it means either he is doing a good job, or Bergevin is doing a poor job. The Markov signing was also a big headscratcher. He is slowing down and a huge injury risk, and didn't look like he can last a full season anymore, which in this NHL is the norm for players over 35. Even the beast Pronger couldn't take the heat and his brain is failing him now. Heck even Eckblad is suffering from a concussion and he isn't even in the NHL yet. You have to let older defensemen go or sign them for less than the average. Fortunately they can trade Markov too - they could probably get a first rounder for him from a team like Detroit, maybe they would throw in Riley Sheahan. For Subban, it might be difficult, but I would target Edmonton as a trading partner, Nikitin and Yakupov. It would have been nice to keep Subban, but he just can't handle that much responsibility. MB probably would have kept Gorges and Gionta if Subban signed for something reasonable.
  • Comment on Habs will play eight preseason games in 13 days; Kovalev criticizes Subban (2014-08-20 15:39:54)
    The deal should be criticized. It means that he has to be over twice as good as Hedman this year to justify the extra salary. Hedman is likely going to be better than him. And for the next couple of seasons as well. The Subban for Yakupov and Nikitin deal makes sense, pull the trigger MB, do it, do it, do it... Beaulieu can definitely best Subbans 4 pp goals from last year. You have the possibilty of alsi adding a third top quality player for the second half with the extra cap space. That's all good news for the habs - and the Oilers get their much needed number 1 D.
  • Comment on Markov as next Habs captain? (2014-08-18 17:51:08)
    I put Subban in the same personality type as Gomez - and Gomez never got arrested or anything, yet we all know how he turned out. The same thing will happen with PK. You don't want guys like that eating all of the cap space. I think anything would be good in return, even a couple of draft picks.