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  • Comment on Post-mortems on Canadiens (2011-04-29 13:43:58)
    Chara dove too.......and so do many others.......and that's also lame and I don't approve. But Subban does it more often than any Hab........and he's not really good at it.... he looks silly.....and he'd be better off without it in his bag of tricks. Don't confuse my negativity towards him in this ONE area a me being a Subban hater......I love the guy.......but he needs to make an adjustment. Nuff said.....Sped
  • Comment on Post-mortems on Canadiens (2011-04-29 11:46:01)
    I live in Massachusetts and am a die hard Habs fan...... I arrived at my office door yesterday morning to find it plastered with newspaper pics of B's players running over our guys, Habs suck and Ole Ole etc. Ive taken a reasonable amout of crap from pretty much everyone. It has also been quite rational. Most B's fans have a very firm grasp on the fact that while their team did win, they are not a very good. The one issue I have great difficulty defending is PK Subban. Beside Price or Cammalleri, he was right up there as Montreal's most valuable during the series. He is certainly the future of the team. However.........he does need to stop flopping. You all saw the the latest incendent. He got "pulled down", fell back,and rolled legs over head. It was just too much to swallow and just looked silly. The fact is, he does dive....and flop. It is critical that he combine his incredible skills and talents with a different attitude regarding this issue to truly become a great player. It is, at times, embarrassing........ Jack Edwards is the aniti-Christ....... Sped
  • Comment on Two more sleeps (2011-04-12 13:27:22)
    Being a Bruins fan is like being in an abusive relationship. They break your heart and fans just keep coming back for more. After worshiping Bobby Orr for the 5 years of my life I jumped ship, and since the mid seventies I've taken significant heat for being the only Hab's fan around here. I try to go to as many games as I can (8 this year, only 1 in Mtl) and while I've never posted, I read this site every single day and have for many years. Ironically, my brushes with the Habs seem to be closer and more frequest these days. I teach Physical Education at Nashoba Regional High School in Bolton, Massachusetts. Yesterday Elliotte Friedman showed up at our school with his HNIC crew to do a snippet on our most presigous graduate, Hal Gill. I think I managed to get myself in a scene, although living in MA I'll probably never get to see it. I've got my tickets to game one and I just can't wait.........quietly...... so I don't get beer poured on me........go habs go........