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Habs fan since: 1969
Favorite current player: Price,Gomez ,Cammallari and Gionta
All-time favorite player: Mahavolich, Dryden,Richard


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  • Comment on Video: Coaches, players on Games 1, 2 (2011-04-16 10:24:07)
    Habs fans in Montreal Go Habs Go. Win the Stanley Cup 2011 now. Win the quater final game from Bruins. Do strong defence and play slow game and control puck in habs blue line area. Martin is an excellent coach. He made first game win for Montreal. Subban should stay back in defensive line and Gionta and Gomez should score with the help of Cammalleri in front as center forward. Montreal will win the Boston now. Good Luck Habs. Play defensive game. Manohar
  • Comment on Two more sleeps (2011-04-12 11:55:27)
    Go Habs Go. Win the play-offs for Stanley Cup 2011. Montreal hockey players must do strong defensive play to win the Stanley cup play-offs. Do not body check or hit the players. Bruins is strong team but they can not score soon. So habs must play strong defensive game against bruins. Good luck to habe players. Manohar