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  • Comment on Therrien: Habs ‘deserved a better fate’ (Video) (2013-05-08 01:16:53)
    If we still had Price and Prust, I would be looking for a 1-3 game 7 comeback. People really dump on Price when he made some fantastic saves this series. I love Budaj and I guess that's who we'll have to go with, but Prust...apart from it costing us the GTG (leaving the refs' part in that out) - his injury combined with everyone else's, MAYBE we win game 5 at home, but I'm not as optimistic about game 6 if we get there. Get it to 7 and we'll see who's back. We CAN still win this series. The injuries are the only things bringing me down. (Diaz owes us about 4 goals.) -------------- The Drive for 25
  • Comment on About last night … (2013-05-04 02:05:55)
    Uhhh, what happened to Spezza definitely missing the first round? And now he's a maybe for the 3rd game!! WTF is with this sens organization and their miracle recoveries at suspiciously crucial times? -------------- The Drive for 25
  • Comment on Markov nominated for Bill Masterton Memorial Trophy (2013-04-22 12:27:19)
    Totally agree about Gorges. The crowd has been more than forgiving for his piss poor performances and Carey's many re-dos. Wish he would shutup and internalize his suckitude and just get better. -------------- The Drive for 25
  • Comment on Therrien: “I’m convinced we’ll be ready for the playoffs” (Video) (2013-04-21 04:11:05)
    Please, back then Price and Subban (latter hasn't been as bad as everyone else) WERE deserving of that consideration, and in reality, they still are, but strictly speaking of what's going on now (which is what matters), it's fans that are usually optimistic and defending the team (myself included) who are just calling it as it is. If you can't see that this team has been playing like garbage, or if you think fake supporting them on a message board is going to help them, I dunno if you know much about winning a hockey game. Blind hate and blind adoration are not things we should aspire to profess. I think we all love this team and roster (some less than others), but want them to PLAY better. -------------- The Drive for 25
  • Comment on Therrien: “I’m convinced we’ll be ready for the playoffs” (Video) (2013-04-21 04:06:13)
    DID he take responsibility? Sounded like the same ol Gorges clip, they are interchangeable. "We need to...". He just sighs a lot, looks concerned and acts like it's actually equally everyone's fault. I'm a big Gorges fan, but he's pissing me off this year with his all talk, no walk. Raphy's clip made me smile. Hard not to love that guy. -------------- The Drive for 25
  • Comment on Budaj will start in goal against Penguins (2013-04-16 16:57:32)
    It was bourque who had a sweet pass cross crease and he couldn't get much on it cuz his twig snapped. Goes both ways. If you've played with composites, you know just how much power and accuracy the flex can give you with a lot less effort. It does suck when it happens to US though. Don't mind it so much when it's the other team ;) -------------- The Drive for 25
  • Comment on Habs’ Gallagher sidelined with concussion (2013-02-17 18:29:05)
    Worst embellishment call I've ever seen. The one of Gally was pretty bad when he got corkscrewed. It's like the refs don't understand physics. Diving happens, but not in those two instances. The Prust one was just ridiculous. -------------- The Drive for 25
  • Comment on Habs’ Gallagher sidelined with concussion (2013-02-17 18:23:52)
    Whether it's rampant or not is irrelevant. It was boarding, possibly intent to injure, roughing, many things. That was not a good hit by what the NHL calls its standards. (Which are, of course, incredibly consistent.) I wonder if Schenn has tweeted to Gally, since apparently that's the way to intimately convey an apology. (See: Cooke, Matt.) The whole concussions thing, and trying to minimize them is becoming the biggest joke to ever befall professional sports safety vigilance. More attention drawn to it: Yes. Steps taken to get rid of it: Hellz no. Schenn should never have made that hit. Not like that. Gally's head was consistently so low (mostly due to height), Schenn should know better that to hit a guy like that. Disgusting. -------------- The Drive for 25
  • Comment on Habs’ Gallagher sidelined with concussion (2013-02-17 18:14:21)
    Let's just say, after binging 23 times, the 24th one gives you one HELL of a hangover! -------------- The Drive for 25
  • Comment on Liveblog: Flyers at Canadiens (2013-02-17 01:19:25)
    That is the technically correct reason.^ -------------- The Drive for 25