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  • Comment on Canadiens pick up a point they don’t need (2012-04-06 09:47:44)
    Tom, you made some interesting points in this thread, but Campoli over Diaz....come on man! Diaz has more offensive upside than Campoli, is better defensively, and is cheaper. I couldn't disagree with you more on this one.
  • Comment on About last night … with audio (2012-02-29 08:49:17)
    I don't think I can take another game watching Gomez! It angers me to consistently see him bring the puck up through the neutral zone to only dump it into the corner resulting in the inevitable turnover. What angers me even more, is seeing that dirty smurk he always has. What the hell is so funny Scott? Does it amuse you that you are the worst player and highest paid player on our roster? Does it amuse you that your contract and your poor play continue to plague this proud franchise? I don't care if your a nice guy... you are more useless than a prostitute without genitalia. Just retire already and go into stand up comedy if your so damn funny and well liked.
  • Comment on No blockbusters among Habs’ trade-deadline deals (2012-02-25 12:04:35)
    Why trade Pleks? If we actually had a 1st line C, he would be the best 2 line C in the league. He's too valuable on the PK to trade unless were getting a Rick Nash type player in the package. Campoli, Weber, Moen and AK should all be traded. We should be able to fetch a 1rd and a prospect for AK, a 2nd for Moen and a 2nd or 3rd for Weber and a bag of pucks for Campoli. Add that to the picks we got for Cameraleri and Gill, we'll be in a good position to dangle some 2nd round picks to move up in the draft. Our D next year looks promising if Markov plays Markov Emelin Gorge Subban Kaberle Tinordi ( best + minius in the OHL) Diaz, If Molson bites the bullet and finally sends Gomer to the Minors, we can actually go out and spend money on a top tier forward.
  • Comment on Multimedia from Canadiens’ Wednesday practice (2012-02-08 15:45:41)
    How about we stop drafting high school players all together to aviod these mis-calculations. We screwed up with Fisher and now Mcdonaugh.
  • Comment on About last night … Reader’s Digest version (2012-01-11 08:58:16)
    It almost looks like Cammy wants his way out of Montreal! Although everyone looked bad against a solid contender, Cammi was by far the worst guy on the ice. I really hope PG pulls the trigger. We'll save 12 million in cap space over the next two years. If Molson has deep enough pockets to burry Gomez, that's another 14 million in cap space! Can you even believe that those two underperformers have us on the hook for 26 Million for the next two years. Move those two, and we have tonnes of money to make significant moves in the off season and re-sign PK, Price, Ak, Eller and Moen.
  • Comment on Liveblog: 0-for-Cunneyworth (2011-12-22 11:38:21)
    Where is the heart on this team? Eveyone is coasting! We're only a 4 game winning streak away from being right back in the thick of things and this team has already given up. We were talking deep playoff run this year! How does that change so quickly? Granted, the Smurf UFA signings have been a bust (except for Cammi's 2010 playoff sucess) but the team needs to keep fighting for the logo on the shirt! Where is Gionta's leadership when we need it most? Why is Yemelin in the stands instead of developing on the ice? Why has Cammi given up? Is Gomez back in Alaska? Why does Darche get more ice time than Eller?
  • Comment on Molson moves to clarify coaching move, quell language firestorm (2011-12-19 18:00:42)
    What a shock, a Quebec politician making a fuss about the organization decisions of our hockey club... Vive le Quebec.
  • Comment on Audio: Blueline swap brings Kaberle in deal for Spacek (2011-12-09 14:14:11)
    Habs faithful... why all the fuss? This is a great move! Gauthier addressed an ailing power play with one of the best PP quarterbacks in the league since 2005. And all we had to give up was Spacek! Yes, the contract is three years, but teams are always looking for a puck moving defenceman come trade deadline... he can be easily shipped next year. In the mean- time, we no longer have to suffer watching Gorges on the PP. If Markov ever play another game, we now have two good PP units on the backend. Markov- Diaz PK-Kaberle GREAT MOVE!
  • Comment on Gauthier has money in the bank (2011-06-30 11:38:22)
    Imagine a third line of Deharnais, Eller, and AK..... sick. Would create wild mismatches vs any other teams 3rd line. To make that happen, we need a winger on the 1st line to play with Pleks and Cammy..... Cole or Leino would be great! Add Eager to play with White and Moen on the 4th with Darche rotating, and we have ourselves 3 scoring lines and a tough 4th line that can actually play hockey.
  • Comment on Gauthier has money in the bank (2011-06-30 11:30:38)
    Chris Drury is done dones! His body is thanks