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Habs fan since: 1950
Favorite current player: michael cammaleri
All-time favorite player: john fergeson


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  • Comment on Back to Boston (2011-04-26 17:45:11)
    tonight is the night! lets see if we can get the ice not to be tilted towards the habs side of the ice.we can do it! hopefully the ignorant bruins will play their stupid rough and dirty game.big nose and bigfoot,hopefully will listen to dummy coach.lets go boys do the job go habs go jc
  • Comment on Desharnais has knee injury (2011-04-24 18:51:55)
    boston ,deserved to win,i am a habs fan through and through,however the bruins played a great game ,they were in our end of the rink almost all night.what happened to our habs of yesteryear,they were always skating out of their zone with we ice the puck waty to often to relieve the should have had 12 goals ,with all that pressure.j.m please let the guys play offensively ,not so much defensively,GO HABS GO ,ITS NOW OR NEVER GOOD LUCK GUYS ,I REALLY WOULD LIKE TO SEE ANOTHER SERIES OR 2 OR 3 .TRY TO MAKE IT HAPPEN .YOU GUYS ARE BETTER THAN THOSE BRAIN DAMAGED BRUINS ,WE ARE SMARTER, BETTER SKATERS ETC..GUYS WANT TO WIN YOU CAN DO IT jc
  • Comment on About last night … (2011-04-17 17:34:31)
    pk is an an all star,as good as bobby ORR, turned out to be.price has developed into a future all star .zedno chara is a freak and should be at belmont park freak show.the whole team played almost a perfect game.claude julien,after he is fired, should sign up to do lemon juice commercials.jacques martin s another dr.phil sometimes listening to him soothes me ,and i fall asleep feeling relaxed and happy. jc
  • Comment on Video: Canadiens all business after grabbing 2-0 lead (2011-04-17 01:12:29)
    i have the inside track on thursday night i picked up halak, at the airport ,dressed him up like price and nobody noticed far as pk, did the same with bobby orr, had t do a little makup job but bobby/pk same skills pk is just amazing ,so young in hs career and he is actually a superstar thanks halak and bobby ps a big thanks to cary and pk wow great job you guys and every star players on the team jc
  • Comment on Video: How ya like me now? (2011-04-06 19:30:50)
    pk subban has as much ability as doug harvey had,pk will develop as one of the greats that ever played for the canadians .this guy has it all....watching him is like watching an artist,he can skate circles around almost everybody. i am proud that he is on the canadians,go pk far as the idiot racists go ,get lost ,now. you guys know nothing about hockey ,and less of life. don cherry is a complete idiot,in every sense of the word.poor cherry ,needs a doctor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! jc