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  • Comment on Auld gets start vs. Ottawa (2011-04-06 19:10:21)
    I'm with you. The CBC has no respect for the Montreal fan base. They give us the Maple Leaf leftover (Bob Cole) to do the play by play, and he still doesn't know the players names (or anything else about hockey for that matter). The intermission is that tired old Punch and Judy act (and now they're training Mike Milbury to be the replacement buffoon). I'm old enough to remember a time when, if CBC carried the game from Montreal you got a full Montreal production team. Danny Gallivan, Dick Irvin doing play by play, and Frank Selke Junior doing the intermission. If it was a Toronto game you got Bill Hewitt, Brian MacFarlane and Ward Cornell. It was actually interesting to see the game from the Toronto studios ... 'cause it was different. Now it's the same inane rantings and watered down pablum in a spiffy studio with flashy graphics ... Put them in front of a sheet of drywall for all I care, but please give me some local content. Until then I'll just stick to RDS and practice my French.