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  • Comment on What do you think of fighting in hockey? (2011-04-05 02:18:29)
    figure skating & ice dance for you my friend. perhaps some speed skating (maybe not, they have the occasional "spill") and curling (these people yell & scream so take your meds first).
  • Comment on What do you think of fighting in hockey? (2011-04-05 02:14:52)
    While I agree that Roberts comments are a little backwards, he does put his ideas forward in such a manner that you get the feeling that he likes fighting in hockey games. His comment also makes me believe that he likes the game as it is. After reading your comments I firmly believe that ice-dancing is more your type of entertainment and think that you should stick with it and throw in the odd curling match to keep your blood boiling (those people yell a lot).
  • Comment on What do you think of fighting in hockey? (2011-04-05 02:04:36)
    Hockey is a business. People pay to see the games and more people want to keep fighting in the game than there are those that would like it eliminated. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ get over it.
  • Comment on What do you think of fighting in hockey? (2011-04-05 02:02:41)
    Are you from France/Italy/Denmark/......? The only idiots I am aware of are those that do not realize that their remote control is capable of changing the channel. Remember that it takes 2 to fight and over 99% of the time in hockey they are both willing. If you don't want to watch it maybe give curling a shot.
  • Comment on What do you think of fighting in hockey? (2011-04-05 01:58:47)
    I am not certain that your argument against fighting in the game hasn't actually led you to understand why it is still there. Let me quote you: "Kids (and not just kids) get all excited and worked up for hockey fights and watch as tens of thousands of people cheer and applaud" hmm, from a business perspective, I say "keep it in, they are cheering for it." People "pay" to see what they want to see. By the way, did you read the results of the poll as you entered this website?
  • Comment on What do you think of fighting in hockey? (2011-04-05 01:51:09)
    See below for a taste of reality: "They don’t have to ban fighting. Just make teams play short-handed when they have a man in the box for fighting." Ummmmmm - no. Think about that one for a minute. I will give you a hint :It takes 2 to fight" "They should also penalize all head shots." This I agree with. If you have to be cognizant of your stick at all times, you should also be aware of your hits at all times. "And ban football shoulder pads and plastic caps on elbow pads." This would have the absolutely wonderful side effect of more injuries from blocking shots. And, last time I checked, there were more blocked shots in a game than hits. "And give delay of game penalties to all players who scrum after the whistle." And this would speed up the game a ton. Especially as we take all that time to skate them to the penalty box and make the time-keeper aware of the penalties, then talk to the coaches who are yelling st the refs. Can't see this working at all. "And call charging on full speed hits." You should really put your too-too on and skate around a while for us. As long as they are not hits to the head and one of the players did not take an "intentional" run at the other, leave it in. "And call interference on players who could let up on a hit on a player who no longer has the puck." Interference - not so much. Boarding - yes. So I basically agree with you on this one. "The game would lose some fans (like the majority of Philadelphia and Boston fans) but it would have a much broader appeal and be more widely respected." I don't know where to start on this one. I don't believe you are correct on this at all. If the league went with all of your suggestion, you would, quite possibly, be the only fan left. I believe that the lack of respectability in the league has more to do with wanton suspensions being doled out (or not doled out) that there is no one alive that understands the reasoning behind them. I figure that if fans (or players/coaches even) could say "that is a 2 (or 5) game suspension" then we would see a greater level of respectability for the league as a whole. Just thought that I might try to add to the discussion a little. Not a Habs fan
  • Comment on What do you think of fighting in hockey? (2011-04-05 01:31:41)
    I came to this website through an ad on TSN's website. Strangely enough the majority of the answers in the poll suggested that fighting should be left in the game and yet, here at least, only comments have been left to argue that it should be removed. While I have no great argument as to why it should remain in the game, other than to suggest that I enjoy it, I do not believe that it should be removed. Right now the NHL is the smallest of "The Big Four" in North American sports and it (fighting) appears to be a big draw in the US (Canada as well if you pay attention to the poll results). If we want to consider growing the game then perhaps we should keep fighting in the game. What most of the anti-fighting people seem to grasp is that this is still a business, and tickets sales help grow that business. If you remove something that the majority of the fans want to see then you risk the business stalling. Freedom of speech exists for a reason, it is unfortunate that those that choose to exercise it the most often are usually the least knowledgeable on the topic they speak about.