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  • Comment on About last night … (2013-02-08 08:48:01)
    Well, I am in Florida...watching this game on Live streaming.. I am rejoicing after it was made 4-2 ...Happy that this team is for real and have made a showing after a tough Boston loss that they could have won.. THEN... again White does not listen to Michel who had told him and others to pick their times well... White is NOT an NHL'er.. and I say that with respect for him... He belongs in the AHL ... He thinks that he still has to prove himself ... Wrong.. There are better guys in Hamilton.. who are more team oriented and a lot faster and smarter.. Pls don't keep him on this good team that is progressing so well this year.. I was really upset when they scored twice.. Yes bad choice of players on the ice at the end and in the shootout. Gionta cannot score and Rene has little finess for a shootout.. Try the other young kid who can score , PK, Markov etc
  • Comment on Training camp notes, Day 3 (2013-01-16 12:00:06)
    I like Subban very much but I am really really disapointed in him to be staying away from Camp and being a better team player while they work out a settlement.. I am beginning to se his personal selfishness come through now.. He thinks he is bigger than he is.. He needs to come back and work on his teaming.... We also can see why we kept hearing about many players not liking him last year...
  • Comment on P.K. said to reject Canadiens’ first offer (2012-08-02 11:02:41)
    As a long term family fan I am a little concerned with the actions of the HABS competition and where we are at . We need to sign this thoroughbred young D (PK) for 5-6 years at 4 mil $ a year.. Lets get moving... After 2 years someone will give him 6-8 Mil$ a year.. Also, lets get moving on a few players on the team that don't fit... You know who they are .. Then, lets sign a good top 6 winger ..There are some good one's left available... We have been rated behing the Leafs in our activities so far by the Bleacher Report... We are rated C ..Hurricanes, Rangers, Ottawa, Tampa are all moving ahead with some great moves.. What is the problem here... Is everyone on Holidays !!! Wake up or we will be looking up at Leafs in the standings and that gets me sick..
  • Comment on Bada-bing tonight in New Jersey? (2012-05-25 07:45:30)
    More quietness from the HABS... Why does this team leave its fans in the dark all the time...
  • Comment on Sunday morning coming down for Habs fans (2012-03-25 10:41:48)
    ROY, is not the best suited nor experienced to Manage a team...Let him start as Assistant....How about Hart;ey and Carbonneau... I was a big supporter of Cunneyworth but I am not so sure right now... ie. Eller play 14-16 minutes a game and Bourque who is as passive as hell gets almost 20 a game ... The more Eller plays the better he is.. To say the least...this Pickering resident who is always be a true HAB fan is very disappointed in what happened this year and we need to clean house of certain hangers on people and players and give us fans some hope
  • Comment on About last night … (2012-03-24 08:35:37)
    wel, apparently the Leaf brass were in Sarnia last night scouting the best Russian to come along in a long time.. You know that Burke is going to try and save his season with the fans by making a big trade to get the first pick overall... I sure wish Montreal were this aggressive...
  • Comment on Multimedia from Thursday practice (2012-02-23 11:02:35)
    time to get working on next year. It burns me to see that Burke has moved his team ahead of the HABS IN 2 YRS of rebuild. Move 3-4 players from Hamilton as they are doing lousy and lets see who we keep for next year. Play Eller more...Drop AK,Gomez, Put Darche back on the 3rd or 4th...Put Leblanc to the real test with lots of ice time.. He looks sluggish out there right now...Give Price some rest and lets see how his backup can do...(He deserves it after sitting for some long)
  • Comment on Video from practice (2012-01-11 11:09:07)
    Very frustrating to see this team play as a long time fan. How did Ottawa,Toronto, Florida make decisions that moved them ahead of a team that just needed so called "twiches" in their lineup. Time to regroup, call it quits and make wholesale changes... Call Anaheim as an example.. Put a few on waivers ..Lets go now and fast...
  • Comment on Multimedia: Gionta returns to Habs practice, not ready to play yet (2012-01-03 10:58:14)
    Can anyone find out where MArkov is..? Was he not to return this week or next? Why is there so much hiding on this team. Fans should know what goes on with their team... When is WHite to return ??
  • Comment on The road trip resumes (2011-12-21 09:34:47)
    Randy has a tough job and Gauthier needs to support this guy as does Molson.... Why does he deserve to be treated this way... Language does not make a coach a success otherwise he would speak Russian as well etc This team needs to win and fans and media need to back off on this Language crap... Look at the line of Bilingual coaches who have not had success in Montreal !!! Carbo is just being bitter with his suggestion... Also Bergeron and the gang on the Antichambre need to get more positive about this team and the good things they do in a game.. I thought they played with spark and grit VS Boston..The best in a long time ... Let's help this team not hinder them and their coach...