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Favorite current player: P.K. -Price
All-time favorite player: Jean Beliveau,classy guy


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  • Comment on Liveblog: Game 56 – Lost weekend for Canadiens (2014-02-02 15:51:18)
    Can't believe ref didn't call interference against Gallagher. Hlabs need help on offense.Wouldn't. Diaz and Beaulieu be the best 2nd wave option on the powerplay? And as a pairing better than Beaulieu- Murray
  • Comment on Liveblog: Game 56 – Lost weekend for Canadiens (2014-02-02 14:55:52)
    Murray is slow and not efficient. It's not worth having him play for his couple hits.Diaz yes Diaz is way more efficient.
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-01-29 07:20:09)
    I agree,Murray is probably the worst defenseman In the league. Diaz on the other hand allows the least scoring opportunities of any of the team's defensemen.Why not pair him with Beauliu or Emelin?
  • Comment on About last night … (2013-12-20 09:54:41)
    The tight schedule has not allowed the opportunity for many practices. The effect is blatant, it is not size that is causing the team to lose but errors. Bad coverage on draws,terrible positional play in their own end.We have witnessed too often an opponent Alone in the slot or a man uncovered after a draw resulting in a free shot on goal or a odd man rush as happened last night.
  • Comment on About last night … (2013-02-10 16:17:05)
    Bourque plex gally Chuck Eller gio Keep dd line just show pax and Cole tapes from last year Prust white moen
  • Comment on Live-blog lives! (2012-08-16 08:22:46)
    As I was living in Jamaica I had lost contact with NHL games in general ,the Montreal Canadians in particular, then I discovered this site! What a joy to be involved,if vicariously,with passionate Canadian fans. Mr. Boone you were ,are my favorite commentator. love your humor,your wit and appreciate the time you give us. Very happy you are still with us.
  • Comment on About 2012 … with audio (2012-01-01 14:33:51)
    During the summer the majority were feeling positive about the Habs taking Boston to 7 games. What could be done to push them further into the playoff rounds?.Two power forwards ,no,too good to be true! Hold on Cole was signed ,Mac pac coming back.gottem! Ok what about defense? How about an allstar and a hard hitting d-man? Markov and Emelin? PG signed Markov on the advice of some high priced medical talent . Would anyone with the addition of these players feel the Habs wld be where they are now? Don't think so.You have to give PG some slack . If everyone,even with this team,played to their potential they wld be in a play off spot.
  • Comment on Same old song, with audio, video (2011-10-25 02:12:02)
    lets take a look for a minute on the difference in personnel between this team and last years. last year the core on defense were gill subban spacek gorges and hammer.then wiz was added.so we are missing hammer and wiz.okay now the forwards.who are we missing halpern pouliot and white who is injured. with cole and pac the forward lines are more menacing.yes we miss halpern but the weakness is defense ,diaz and webber/emelin cant at this stage substitute for hammer and the wiz.question is will diaz emelin or webber eventually improve to compensate for the loss of those two players.if markov can return things will change cuz looking at the difference in personnel i would say the top three lines hve improved and we just need a tweek on defense and then let them gel and roll
  • Comment on Canadiens post historic W (2011-10-10 16:54:00)
    For all those crying about the 6 bucks the gazette charges per month,did u pause to think they are paying the salary of the reporters who put so much effort to make this site viable. The price of a beer downtown!! Get a better cause. Oh yeah Gomez sucks, JM sucks, PG sucks, bunch of pussies.etc etc.u know all those original topics.
  • Comment on Who takes control? (2011-04-23 10:27:54)
    One thing we know for sure,if Boston falls behind. they will now believe in themselves, that they can come back. So some questions that have to be answered, will the Habs play the disciplined ,perfect game required of them ,will some unsung hero rise to the occasion,will the so called leaders actually lead?