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Habs fan since: 1971
Favorite current player: P K Subban
All-time favorite player: Henri Richard


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  • Comment on About the next few nights … (2011-04-10 16:58:22)
    I don't treat McGuire as a fountain of wisdom but Chara is a great player with size that the Habs will be hard to neutralize. Of course he is a great player-Mad Mike Milbury traded him away when he was an Islander! Amazing how often Montreal plays Boston in the playoffs. Makes for great hockey. Let's hope Versus here in the States shows could because Boston is one of NBC/Versus favorite teams although I imagine they will shove Rangers vs Washington down out throats.
  • Comment on Another big one (2011-04-02 08:45:46)
    Limping towards the playoffs, just like last year. If the Islanders start DiPietro instead of the much better Montoya, they should be heavily disciplined for deliberately losing games. But Montreal has to take care of business for themselves.