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  • Comment on How the Bruins will line up vs. Habs (2011-04-14 12:46:38)
    You guys need to get your techs to familiarize themselves with Akismet, a free spam filtering plugin for WordPress written by the guys behind WP itself. Takes 2 seconds to install and will save us from these knockoff shoes/penis enhancer spam posts in every comment thread. And 6 hours 13 minutes to go...
  • Comment on How the Bruins will line up vs. Habs (2011-04-14 12:18:41)
    I'd hate to have to agree with you as I'm no fan of loud-mouth Burke and his tactics but I read a quote earlier from Julien that suggested that Seguin had things to work on both on and off the ice. I don't want to stir a non-existent pot, but that could indicate bad work ethic, attitude, etc. If Seguin's play doesn't improve quite drastically next season, it may be fair to say that Burke won that part of the deal. Don't forget, though, that Seguin is young and has all of the ability in the world - it is quite likely that he'll come around. Also, there has to be some substance given to a young superstar Canadian over an American fool like Kessel. He is obviously a star sniper and will be for years but I want to *like* the players on my team, it makes cheering for them that much more fun. Kessel is about the most unlikable guy in sports, not inspiring any strong feelings one way or the other simply because he looks and sounds...slow.
  • Comment on And here we go (2011-04-14 11:28:02)
    Hit me!
  • Comment on And here we go (2011-04-14 11:27:10)
    1. Chara (for Patches, and for being generally big and ugly) 2. Marchand (being from Halifax, I wish I *could* like him but the sweater colours and snarky attitude turn me off) 3. Recchi (used to love him but that radio show a couple of weeks back ruined him for me) While I hate what Lucic does to our guys at times, it's hard not to wish that he wore our colours, no? The three above I'd pass on quickly, talent or not.
  • Comment on And here we go (2011-04-14 10:29:23)
    Unfortunately the Bruins game plan will be: 1. Keep "King" Timmy's crease clear 2. Crash the Scabs net constantly I think the real key is that either our guys get going or they don't. Our problem most of the season has been consistency and the team proved in last year's playoffs where consistent play can get you. Either Cammy, Gionta and Gomez step it up and our lower lines offer good support or we're toast. I'm personally of the opinion that everyone mentioned above will be more than up for it - like most other years, I think the boys have the Bruins number in 2011. Disclaimer: "Scabs" reference only for dramatic effect given its response to "Broons" :)
  • Comment on Sixth place (2011-04-09 22:13:45)
    I caught that, too - disgraceful considering the national broadcast and funding.
  • Comment on Hamrlik, Price award winners; Moen missing (2011-04-04 11:53:07)
    Congratulations to Hammer; a well-deserved recognition in light of his impressive play, continued effort and the role he's played this season with Markov and Gorges out.
  • Comment on Hamrlik, Price award winners; Moen missing (2011-04-04 11:51:53)
    On the other hand, if you have a soft spot for Tide laundry detergent then you're in heaven. I'm a GAIN man, myself.
  • Comment on PHWA protests Islanders’ decision to bar reporter (2011-04-04 11:48:42)
    Sure it does, and why shouldn't it? Assuming some limit on the number of people given access to players, coaching staff, etc, at any given time, why should a passionate but "amateur" writer be left out in the cold? Some of my favorite content writers and reporters in many niches are considered "amateur" - the idea that the only way to news, whether sports or otherwise, is via league- or state-sanctioned media is troubling and backwards. EDIT: Meant as a response to G-Man above.
  • Comment on About last night … (2011-04-03 14:00:18)
    You forgot a comma: "It's hard to read your crap, let alone take it seriously." I'm all for best practices where language is concerned but why the pettiness?