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  • Comment on Quick Hits (2011-04-28 02:57:16)
    The real truth is that is clear nobody wants to see is that all the teams around us are getting better and improving an to be honest if we didn't have price we would not make the playoffs and would probably be comfy at 13th. Let's just hope we make the playoffs next year to me it's a stalemate I don't see much improvement. Almost missed the playoffs again this year got lucky winning the last 2. Not sure why everyone is riding the subban bus so much. Made many errors and bad plays. Pretty baffled on what series everyone watched. Bravo price for carrying the team to seven and boo to the refs for not handing us another 2 5on3's. But everyone has their opponions. Go Habs
  • Comment on Video: First reaction from Habs to season-ending loss (2011-04-28 02:32:20)
    The way some people on this site think may borderline insanity. It was a good run because of price only and price only. If we didn't draw so many penalties it would have been a different game 6 and 7. I was pulling for them and still questioned many of the calls on Boston and was kind of befuddled on how he zebras called the series. This is a sport of men and contact not soccer and basketball. Great year from price plec subban and gionta also stellar playoff from cammie hope the guys upstairs can take the heads out of their ass. I also liked wiz
  • Comment on This just never gets old (2011-04-02 00:01:49)
    Clearly this punkster guy needs to seek professional help. Sorry to break your heart and bust or dreams of the best team every year that you seem to live in. Judging by your posts it kills you to believe that there are different opinions in the world and god forbid they don't agree with your fantasies. Find something better to do then trash people for their opinions troll. Go outside see a movie kiss a girl peace. Be happy
  • Comment on This just never gets old (2011-04-01 12:42:29)
    Playoffs not playlets stupid I phone
  • Comment on This just never gets old (2011-04-01 12:39:26)
    Atleast bad digestion is someone who can see reality. Although most on this site are so devoted it clouds thier view of reality. Reality is last year was a fluke. The system worked in the playlets and so did the goalie,.. that's it, most teams beat themselves. The other fact is due to injuries and mediocre players Montreal is very lucky Carey price has got them where they are and very lucky they are in the playoffs. Teams like Toronto and jersey who had gms make big changes and got off to slow starts as their new rosters find their identities are surpassing Montreal in terms of the future As ignorant as most habs fans are towards the leafs and Toronto I think it may be time to worry because the future is bleak as long as our main players are Gomez Gianta pleck and subban
  • Comment on • Audio update: Pacioretty skates, Spacek practises (2011-04-01 12:21:04)
    They did fight and it was a doozy, nobody won but alot of good shots by both. Lucic played the rest of the game and didn't show any signs of injury