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  • Comment on It’s officially UGLY (2011-10-20 21:32:34)
    ...clearly, Muller's presence on the bench as the X's n O's guy, as well as all the other intangibles is sorely missed.
  • Comment on It’s officially UGLY (2011-10-20 21:27:21)
    Let's get Kirk Muller back, NOW! JSK
  • Comment on This just never gets old (2011-03-31 14:04:02)
    Clearly, this all starts at the top. How PG doesn't get more for Halak is beyond me. Lars is a good player, but for a young and very good goalie who's at the height of his trade value??? P-u-lease. Not addressing size has been an issue for a very long time. Never liked the JM nor the PG hire. I realize a lot of people want a Francophone/s, but why are we not getting the best people in the biz??? It's the Montreal Canadiens for goodness-sake, most storied franchise in Hockey. Really would have loved for them to have hired Boucher, but after last season's playoff run, I guess that was going to be tough to do. However, you've got to have some foresight, no??? I would get rid of both coach and GM and get the asst GM from Detroit, Jim Nill, who I understand has a fantastic rep and an eye for talent (sorely needed). Then trust that he would pick a good young coach, like Boucher. Sorry for the long rant, but this has been building for quite some time. JSK