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  • Comment on Updated with audio: How sick is he? (2011-04-17 21:57:28)
    What makes me mad is when the media CBC,TSN, RDS, most of the others all bash PK about the way he celebrates after a goal or what ever, they get on his case and say oh "he needs to mature" yea well I don't won't another player like you were PJ Stock. What about "the great 8" do they harp on him and he is older. PK has style and is exciting to watch. He is not just a target from the other players but from the media also, and that pisses me off. Leave the man alone, most of us like him just the way he is not boring like the rest of you washouts and burnouts.
  • Comment on Back to the drawing board (2011-04-01 10:56:38)
    just heard a rumor that J Martin will be Stepping Down as coach news at 4 pm
  • Comment on Back to the drawing board (2011-04-01 08:23:54)
    Losing faith in Martin, and thinks the fans well soon be turning on Price once again, which is to bad because unless they change the rules and let the goal tenders bring the puck across the red line it's going to be hard for him to score goals. My wife tells me that she hears me call to many of the players by the same first name now the name starts with an F and it's not Fred.
  • Comment on Game 77: Canadiens snap skid (2011-03-29 15:07:29)
    You think Martin raised his voice, maybe,hopefully. Must be something he could kick or something a garbage can or something to show some passion. Does anyone think he does that kind of stuff to spark some kind of passion ?