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  • Comment on Liveblog: Three in a row (2011-12-19 22:04:41)
    Blake was not French, he was anglophone who was fluent in French because his mother was French. My problem is not whether they speak French or not, I just can't stand the outcries from fans who demand a coach who already speaks French (and preferably one from Quebec) rather than one who will put the effort in to learn the language and at least produce some wins for the club.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Three in a row (2011-12-19 21:56:30)
    Absolutely agree with you on that. The players need to be held accountable for their actions, and benching them for a few games would send the right message. Hopefully it happens sooner rather than later, because otherwise I have a feeling we will be loosing a lot of players in the off-season for nothing as has happened in the recent past. P.S. Let me clarify - both coaches were French-speaking Anglophones.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Three in a row (2011-12-19 21:43:30)
    You can pin it on the coaching as much as you want, but there is clearly something more to this than the man behind the bench. Although it is cliche, you don't fix what isn't broken...for the Habs, that is clearly not the case. The Canadiens aren't winning any games because for the most part, the most positive aspect of their last few games has been their 3rd and 4th lines. The Plekanec-Cammalleri experiment is an epic failure that is past the point of repairing. Cammalleri is not only a futile tool on the ice, but his presence has actually been a detriment to the team. He skates away from battles for the puck, choosing to stay on the backbench and crosscheck players ever so gently in the back rather than at least pretending to look as if he cares. And in case he was not already aware, goals (especially on the powerplay) are not scored from the goal line at the side of the net. Plekanec has lost his effectiveness on the ice as well, epitomizing the Canadiens' infatuation with continuing to push things that clearly do not work. Finally, perhaps the biggest disappointment thus far is P.K. Subban. He's young, he's immature, but we are consistently told that this is the makeup of the entire team; nonetheless, I would trade him in an instant for a solid young forward. There is this terrible environment in Montreal where "star" players are continually not held responsible for the recurring poor plays they make. Lars Eller and Alexei Emelin are two of the most surprising players this year, emerging as substantial assets to a team that is lacking both their physical and energetic presence. Yet, while their significantly higher paid counterparts receive little to no repercussions for their poor play, these too draw the short end of every stick. It's not a coaching change, a GM change, or even a new owner that will solve the issues in Montreal. What is needed is a culture shock - an intervention by some person(s) who dramatically alters the pre-existing culture within the Canadiens dressing room. Until then, it seems as though fans of the Canadiens will stand on strike in support of finding the latest bilingual coach and savior of the Habs (because Scotty Bowman and Toe Blake's glory days with the team were just pure luck)
  • Comment on Betts claimed off waivers; Woywitka on waivers; Palushaj, Blunden, Schultz to Hamilton (2011-10-05 12:46:06)
    The Habs also picked up Blair Betts off waivers today, as per RDS
  • Comment on Three leads blown (2011-04-21 20:50:00)
    It looks like all those stupid bandwagon fans are back again, jeering at Carey for ONE soft goal! Ya the Habs out-shot the Bruins...but look how many shots they had since Kostitsyn's goal!! The Canadiens sat back, let the Bruins skate all over them and rather than take the game to the Bruins, let them reverse the momentum. Stay strong Carey and have faith in the team, the game is far from over...
  • Comment on Finally! (2011-03-29 12:21:59)
    As bad as the team has been lately, how can no blame be put on Martin for his lack of creativity? Eller and Kostitsyn have been two of the Habs best players as of late, and yet, Eller is rarely if ever seen on the PP...don't you think it's time?? What abou Hamrlik on the point. He may have had a solid run, but I think he's getting tired and extremly sloppy out there...maybe it's time for a change on the PP as well?