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  • Comment on Liveblog: The winning streak is over (2013-01-30 17:31:09)
    Totally off topic here but, I have an idea for the "kid" line. Since we have Brandon Prust, Brendan Gallagher and Alex Galchenyuk. Two B's and two G's, how about the " Bee Gee" line? yes ? no ? lol regardless I like what i see
  • Comment on Gomez clears waivers, becomes unrestricted free agent (2013-01-17 18:41:31)
    The thing with Subban is, we still don't know who we are getting. Is it the inconsistant player that got benched twice, and 3-4 fights in practices or the super star we seen in his first season. He has the ability to be a Ray Bourque or a Jack Bourque (the garbage man) He may be worth 5-6 mill soon but we haven't seen that consistantcy yet, and although alot of pressure was put on him the past two season's, I just don't buy it yet. Look at Deon Phaneuf, he was the next Pronger but beleived his own hype. Now he's a Leaf Captain, and we know how that's working out :) I'd like to see the two sides come to a one year agreement, and re-evaluate it in the offspring long term.
  • Comment on Training camp notes, Day 4 (2013-01-16 18:00:48)
    What an idiot, I think he just copy and paisted last years stats. So much effort goes into reviews from these so-called "experts" Last year I think Boston was to win the presidents trophy. Blah !!!
  • Comment on Audio: No suspension for Malone hit fuels plenty of debate (2011-10-03 21:24:42)
    I'm in, need one more quickly
  • Comment on The Canadiens look ready for the opener (2011-10-01 23:34:36)
    Totally disagree. Malone knew exactly what he did immediately, as soon as the ref blew the wistle he started to skate towards Campoli to apologize. He frikkn knew Both Habs games he was out pretending he was king shite, I hope he gets the whole meal deal from Shanny. Also I hope Campoli is ok, I thought he was fitting in perfect. PS.MAB wasn't resigned by many teams for a reason POOR DEFENCE. He coughed up the puck at least twice in the times I noticed him. Great shot on the PP though.
  • Comment on Punchless Canadiens drop another one (2011-09-29 22:36:30)
    LOL that's been the Leafs plan for 40+ years. it didn't work too well for them
  • Comment on Punchless Canadiens drop another one (2011-09-29 22:29:04)
    I couldn't have said it any better. We looked like that was the first time on the ice together, while TB looked season ready. The whole point of minor tinkering with a roster, is to keep the core intact so everyone knows the teams strenghts and weakness. Some times they looked like the Habbies were trying to make their team mates look bad (ie Subban) ..... whatever only pre-season right? Keep in mind we only made the playoffs last year because of our great start last season. The team needs a big team hug + Markov On the plus side, in my opinion the follow Habbies looked pretty good. D: Campoli, Georges (ironman), Gill and Diaz (offencively) F: Plets, Cami, Gomez and a few others in spurts
  • Comment on Punchless Canadiens drop another one (2011-09-29 17:00:22)
    Perry had a bit of a slow start last season. Stamkos came out of the gates early and sputtered a bit a the end. Personally I'd kinda go with Perry, but you never know.
  • Comment on Senators strike late (2011-09-24 15:56:14)
    Well let's hope Spacek makes it tough for someone to replace him. I still think he's got some good hockey in him. Unfortunately we haven't seen it since the playoff series vs. Washinton two years ago.
  • Comment on 30 agendas in NHL camps (2011-09-17 13:41:18)
    A little off topic here. I don't know if this has been posted already, but it was a good read. All about our man PK. I totally agree, PK doesn't need to change his presence on the ice or his style. His character is so fresh and new to an NHL that has become so impersonal. Of course he is still young and needs to listen to his elders ;) Can't wait to to see the Mighty Habbies again.