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  • Comment on Martin cracks the whip (2011-03-28 19:27:48)
    Listened today to Mitch Melnick and Pierre Mcguire and also read Arpon Basu's article on the Canadiens scoring chances being down by over 30%. I agree with what was said about Jacques Martin and what Pierre said about Halek's play masking a lot last year. In my humble opinion, the Habs best players are not only tired but also tired of having to play this way. If the Canadiens don't improve dramatically in the next game or two, you have to believe there are some deeper problems on the team. If so, I wouldn't be surprised if we see a change whereby Martin is fired and Kirk Muller steps in. You have to believe that with Muller's pedigree as a player and the respect the players seem to have for him as an assistant, they'd love to play for him. He's a coach that comes with the reputation of winning by taking care of his own end while also being able to score almost 1000 points in the NHL over his career. Plus, does Geoff Molson really want to lose another potentially very good young coach to another NHL team? Just a few thoughts..... Christopher Briere