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  • Comment on Sharks vs. Canadiens preview: Habs’ Subban fined again for diving (2015-03-21 11:25:24)
    Have to say you'd have to really be watching PK in order to catch that last one. If it is even a flop!? Not sure I agree with that. The Refs miss so much...but catch this? Man, Ben Bishop should be up to 10,000 by now. Many repeat flippers throughout the league. Bishop is one of many. Every team does it. Regularly. As TO will not get McDavid, (going to Vegas) the next best prize would be to have PK Subban hated in MTL and have to be traded to the Leafs. And ultimately have PK ready to get out of Mtl due to all this. PK is a star. He's exuberant, he flashy he's fun. He's extremely good. Add to that, all he has done this year to change his game. Worked on his defense etc. plays crazy minutes and has revived Markov's game. Young fans LOVE him. I hate to admit this about my home town, but, certain sections of Quebec are very bigoted. This is not unknown. NHL has their agenda, L'Antichambre has theirs... So, by all means, drive him out of town. It will be poster board commentary for years. GoHabsGo!
  • Comment on About last night … (2015-01-30 11:02:57)
    Dave Reid...excellent commentary on that's hockey 2night!
  • Comment on About last night … (2015-01-30 11:01:39)
    PK chickens out!? Well ok, the alternative is that he ends up with a hand injury like Phaneuf. So, ok he "chickened out" good for him.
  • Comment on About last night … (2015-01-30 10:58:55)
    A hockey savant...Scotty Bowman! A great read
  • Comment on ‘Momentum can change quick,’ Habs coach Therrien says (2014-05-20 21:27:56)
    Let's put it this mind over matter. Budaj enjoyed great success against Boston, and his mates knew it and bought into the Buds is a Bruin killer! Tokarsky stoned The Ducks this year and team could capitalize on that. As long as the team believes in the goalie and goalie believes the teams is behind him-anyone can win! Pick one- and win these next two games. Hell,!the Rangers have very sadly latched on to a newbie teammate and his mother! With no disrespect to France St Louis and her family, it is really classless to use this very sad family moment as a rally cry.
  • Comment on ‘Momentum can change quick,’ Habs coach Therrien says (2014-05-20 21:13:08)
    Let the macdonaugh deal go! The fact is he didn't want to come to Montreal, he didn't want to go to play for Bulldogs. He dragged his heels and resisted. Gainey did what he needed to do at the time. Picked up a centre, (who was well received the first year) and traded a young D that none of you knew about until after the fact! Whinning now would be If they forced him to come to Hamilton/ Montreal and played like he'd hate anyway! Move on!
  • Comment on ‘Momentum can change quick,’ Habs coach Therrien says (2014-05-20 20:48:20)
    It's pretty simple people...Habs had to play first game at 1:00, not our most sparkling time to play a game, as witnessed in early Bruins game. Losing Price isn't anybody's first choice, that said the Team needs to put on their big boy pants, get over it and help the goaltender win a game. Feeling sorry for themselves didn't work so well yesterday. Budaj and Tokarsky need their buy in. They need to know that they are as valuable to the success of this Team as Price is. He is a "very nice to have" element , but not a "need to have !" The players need to know they are all valued for their specific role! As my grandmother used to say "every man to his job!" If they don't believe and understand that this is true, and they believe Carey is the "only piece" that can move them forward then yes the are doomed. Personally I don't think they should collapse because of Price going down. They need to believe in the team concept that has been the coaches team mantra. They should be reminded that everyone contributed and picked it up when others were hurt or injured. This team should be able to rally around this as they are a right group, or so they say. The Rangers, bless them have rallied around MSL and his mother. They barley know their teammate(with a few exceptions) and so therefor don't know his mother. And even tho I personally think it is classless to use the death of a guys mother to win a hockey game, especially when they barely know each other... The Montreal Canadiens should be able to rally around their team and mates and do this for all of them and not just for one individual. Just my opinion, but I have like the chemistry these guys have shown this year! Am I wrong!? BUCK up boys! And, for my final thoughts...put the damned lines back together!!! DD-Patches-Vanek Plecky- Gally -Galchenyuk Eller-Bourke - Gio Prust-Weise -Briere GO HABS GO!!! And stop whinning!!!
  • Comment on NHL fines Bruins’ Thornton for spraying water at Habs’ Subban (2014-05-11 21:17:07)
    On Vanek-he definitely has another gear. If he doesn't bring it or doesn't show it, how does he get a contract from Minnesota? If he remains awful, and gets a contract from Minni, then you have to wonder. Conspiracy theorists like me would have a field day. Two "hawk" owners get what they want. One gets a very good player and the other gets to the finals. If they're lucky, two get to conference finals.
  • Comment on Habs will open playoff series Wednesday night in Tampa (2014-04-13 21:08:52)
    Boo can't fight the way he used to and should stop.,,
  • Comment on Habs will open playoff series Wednesday night in Tampa (2014-04-13 21:07:33)
    So, was Ryan Malone one of the reasons Marty St. Louis left Tampa? He told NY reporters the Olympics was one part of why he left.