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  • Comment on About last night … (2013-10-10 02:16:57)
    So we lose our 3rd game by 1 goal. and the noose is being tied. There are bad points to work on but the game could have gone either way. Let's look at the bigger picture. The kid line is scoring. The Briere line clicked in preseason. Hopefully they start scoring soon. If we lose all 4 games on this trip we still have 76 more to play. Get to the playoffs. What matters is what we do then. The Cup? #25? Not likeley but not impossible.
  • Comment on Bring on the Senators! (2013-04-29 01:44:25)
    Habs finish first. It's a fluke. Only because of the strike. They are going to lose this series. In fact they are going to get swept. This team is no good. Carey is awful. Therriens a lousy coach and they have the worst waterboy in the league. This series will be over before they even tape their sticks. There is no way this franchise will ever make the playoffs again. Pk will be traded and carey will get worse. Gallagher wil be playing for toronto next year. Wake up hab fans who believe. They are no good because I said so and I'm me.
  • Comment on About last night … (2013-04-02 02:08:55)
    I hope Bergevin reads this. We are officially a contender this year. I say swing the bat. The short season worked in our favor. In today's NHL a chance for the cup isn't every year. Boston, Detroit, and Pittsburgh are consistently contenders and each has 1 cup to show for it. San Jose and Vancouver have none. We aren't going to be a dynasty and neither is anyone else. Next year we'll be playing a full season and those teams below us are going to be better. Our best chance is now.
  • Comment on About 2012 … with audio (2012-01-01 07:19:35)
    I was once a price basher but now i believe in him. He does let in soft goals but were losing from lack of scoring.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Shootout loss (2011-12-02 05:31:29)
    JM is a one trick pony. Defensive shell. Problem here is he took credit for playoff run 2 years ago. I watched halak play superman and rob the caps and pens. They bareley got in. I wish they missed he'd be gone by now. Last year? we blew a 2 game lead coming home. 3 OT losses? His firing is long overdue. Without it we won't be making the playoffs.
  • Comment on Sixth place (2011-04-10 04:00:31)
    It's that time of year again 16 for 25. Cup? We have a chance to beat Boston. Problem is we always die in the next round from the emotional drain. We need to defeat Boston and still be on all cylinders for the next round. With any luck we can dodge phily this time. If not we will have to find a way to beat them. If we can take the east the stanley cup will be decided by who we drw and how we perform. Playoffs are unpredictable but this is where I believe the Habs stand
  • Comment on Quick Hits (2011-03-27 02:35:34)
    The real problem I see here is Martin doesn't do anything with he offense. Carbonneau used the fast guys to generate odd man rushes and used one touch passing with one timer shots. Martin starts with defense and tells players to go to the net and shoot better. Lame