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Habs fan since: 2000
Favorite current player: lars eller
All-time favorite player: maurice richard

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  • Comment on A loss that felt like a win (2011-09-22 19:58:19)
    the habs played very well even tho they lost 3-1. Nathan Beaulieu played very well. He will make the roster.
  • Comment on Desharnais has knee injury (2011-04-24 12:21:05)
    i say jacques martin gives scott gomez too much ice time give him max 15 mins and bring up eller and halpern minutes to 18
  • Comment on Martin cracks the whip (2011-03-28 15:02:27)
    why did the canadiens fire Guy carbo? hes better than JM. guy won cups and played in the game wit sum of the greatest superstars I SAY WE BRING BACK CARBO
  • Comment on Martin cracks the whip (2011-03-28 14:58:26)
    i agree with ur hardhabits the hhabs are a good team but they need big tough guys like laraque and i found that they use gomez to much wen he does nothign put on david dahairnais hes plays well with white and puliot they do better than gomez and gointa and moen line . JM doesnt give ice time to the right players
  • Comment on OK, this is officially BAD!! (2011-03-27 16:33:41)
    david dahairnais benoit pouliot and ryan white are playin really well maybe they should be the first line and gomez gionta and(who ever is playin wit them) on the 3rd and lars eller andrei kostitsyn and travis moen should be the second and cammy plecks and halpern should be 4th bc right now the original 1st two lines are playin shit and the 3rd and 4th r playin really well and dnt get ice time so watta wana doÉ marc-anthony lamberti
  • Comment on OK, this is officially BAD!! (2011-03-27 01:23:05)
    actually he is kinda bc he traded sergei kostitsyn to nashville for a player who no one knows . sergei has 43 points in 73 games played higher than gionta gomez cammalleri and andrei kostisyn and wat doesnt help is tht jacques martin doesnt make puliot white and DD play alot wen there playin better than the first 2 lines marc-anthony lamberti