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  • Comment on NHL won’t suspend Ference for hit on Halpern (2011-04-28 17:19:40)
    ManApart, I agree with you Halpern should be looking where he was going(don't know if that excuses Ferrence), but it should have been a penalty. There were a lot of calls conveniently missed that benfitted Boston . I loved hockey one time for the game, now I get a bad taste in my mouth, Bettman may as well come clean and say it up front that the teams north of the border don't matter much.
  • Comment on NHL won’t suspend Ference for hit on Halpern (2011-04-28 17:07:52)
    yeah, Bruins got the bounces, but in all fairness Montreal had a few passengers- what did Gomez to benifit the team, what did Moins do(skate in circles far from the play), who was Sopel playing for?? Did Gomez win 1 battle for the puck(noo). There were players on Montreal that were hurting the team(bring up a couple of players from Hamilton, they would have contributed something). I'm not pleased under any condition to see Bruins beat the Habs, but really we were too banged up to go very far if we beat them. I'm starting to lose interest(after 60 years), the ice is pretty tilted to the South, I'm proud of Canuck's Gillis letting them know that the bias was obvious. I've never felt this way about Hockey before!!!! Fed up with this phoney Butthead(Bettman). Bryant Mac lean
  • Comment on And that’s the season (2011-04-27 23:22:31)
    If I was a Boston fan I wouldn't be too cocky, because the Fliers will kick your Ass in short order!! I guess the Bruin's smartest play was to take Patches out!! Bryant Mac lean
  • Comment on And that’s the season (2011-04-27 23:18:46)
    One goal scored when the puck was knocked down with a high stick, two game winning goals in Montreal offf-side. Boy, those Bruins are good!!! Do you really think the League wants Canadians teams playing in the Play-offs?? If you do I've got some Oceanfront property in Ontario I'll sell you!!! If we weren't so banged up I would really be pissed!! Bryant Mac lean
  • Comment on Video: Therapy day for Desharnais, Wisniewski (2011-04-25 13:25:13)
    To the Montreal fan trapped in Niagara Falls: maybe u should stay there!! In all your wisdom can you tell us why Connolly didn't return after the hit???? Bryant Mac lean
  • Comment on Video: Therapy day for Desharnais, Wisniewski (2011-04-25 13:18:23)
    I'm willing to bet that Richards won't be suspended!! The League has been tilting the ice for years now, they know which teams they want to advance. The last team they would like to advance would be Montreal(already 24 cups). How many teams in the playoffs have had a charging penality called against them(with all the bad hits), just one, Montreal Habs!! Guess we're special!!!
  • Comment on Surprise! Price starts vs. Toronto, Habs sign Swiss free-agent (2011-04-08 15:48:03)
    Bryant Play Price for half the Game tonight and Auld for the last half!! All though we no longer have a rivalry with T.O.. they still want to do us harm!!
  • Comment on About last night … (2011-03-27 12:16:16)
    Bryant in Toronto I have watched the habs for 60 years and never felt so humiliated as the night in Boston. The big bad Bruins sure knew which Montreal player to take out(the one who was carrying the team , esp. against Beantown, no coincidence). Don't know what u think , but did the thought enter your mind what happens if this guy goes down(Paz),where will we be, or were you fooled by," this will give another player a chance to step up," rarely happens!! Les Canadiens luck( wirh which they won quite a few games) ran out, back to reality. They played over thier heads for most of the season. Get rid of four selfish players who are indifferent, disrespectful and who by their very premise show me that they just don't to be in Montreal(Kosthign, Pleckanic. Camillari & Gomez) How many goals did Pleks have in the Playoffs last year(maybe 1), how many faceoffs did he win this year( a doz. maybe), I'm sorry folks but these kind of stats don't make a winning combination. I see the Great Henri Richard have to sit there and endure this gong show. Respect is all I'm asking for, just give it your best shot!! Stop taking these 4 minute penalies(Plekanics) without any regard for the consquence. The score in Boston got away because of that penality and a few lucky bounces for the Bruins.(Camillari has always looked great in his first year in a new location, but appears to be playing hurt!!) In all fairness the Team looked bad at times when winning(thats very disturbing).