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  • Comment on Cournoyer speaks about vacant Habs captaincy (2014-08-25 14:13:47)
    Time will tell. I always want the most of our prospects, but then expect the least from them. (guards my heart!) Let not forget that both LL and Bournival were above a pt/game in the Q. And we know where they are now a few years later. Maybe its a 50-50 chance he ever makes the NHL. We'll know in a few years. Obviously I hope he does.
  • Comment on Cournoyer speaks about vacant Habs captaincy (2014-08-25 14:09:43)
    Crane....maybe that will happen if Weaver gets injured! To start the season MT will go with his vets. The kids will get ice time when they show they are better then the vets. Till then FOR THIS YEAR they play a few games here and there until injuries occur. They always do. And by end of season, the kids will get a good amount of games. But don't be surprised if they all spend some time in AHL this year. Mark/PK Gilbert/emelin Weaver/ one of the kids ? is our 7th dman. MB will decide at camp if the team needs a vet (Bouillon) or if one of the kids is better suited for that spot.
  • Comment on Cournoyer speaks about vacant Habs captaincy (2014-08-25 14:04:19)
    adam...of course he can justify them. At the time of signing them, they were good moves. How was MB suppose to know Prust would get injured and miss a lot of games. I still hold hope he can rebound this year. How was MB suppose to know that Moen would get a concussion? since then he has been a shell of his former self. But at the time of signings, Prust- really was wanted by many teams and it addressed a huge need of more size. And Moen- was a trusted and much used vet with size, so why not resign him. If you are asking to MB to guess the future.....
  • Comment on Stubbs is all wet (don’t say it) for ALS research (2014-08-25 10:36:03)
    rhino...some good pts. Most fans scoff at the thought of us missing Gorges/Gio, but I agree come playoffs is where we will notice this. Now if vets like Gilbert (that I know nothing about) and Weaver come into playoffs with a bigger D role, I think they can replace what Gorges does for us when playoffs hit. When it comes to Gio's D game...I think Manny can have a bigger role in this team come playoffs. I mean last year we had Briere in the 4th line center. Briere brought no D to his game. Manny will probably replace Gio when it comes to PK. And when it comes to 2nd/mostly 3rd line minutes come playoffs...I think we'll see a bit of missing Gio's D game there. But at same time, it may be Bournival there, or maybe guys like Prust/Moen/Weise may be asked to step up on D side of things 5 on 5. At this time we don't know who will be frwd #9. But I think we may have some who can cover Gio's D side of things. As mentioned PA should cover for 20 goals, and that be more then what Gio brought us recently. And yes, we still are lacking a scoring frwd for that top line. MB saw that last year and went for Vanek. That hole is still there. If you ask me we are 2 pieces away from being a steady top East team for years to come. With this core, we still need a #2 dman to play with PK. I love Markov, but if we think he can keep up the next 3 yrs...well none of us think that. The 2nd piece is a another top line winger. We have TONS of 20 goal guys. If we can land another 30 goal guy. WOW. Maybe a consistant 25-30 goal guy. 2 pieces away. Will they come from our prospects (if so hopefully pretty quick as our core is really good right now)
  • Comment on Stubbs is all wet (don’t say it) for ALS research (2014-08-23 10:09:30)
    My 14 year old was challenged by one of his hockey teammates. So he did it yesterday and he asked me to donated $10 on his behalf. I donated a tad more. He had fun doing it and took it seriously. Always good to teach kids to care and give. I won't post the video..mostly cause I have no idea how. Lol. The team captain was also challenged, and he hasn't responded. What type of leading is that? So...should the team get a new captain lol. Actually I think they r away so he's got a reason. Captaincy overrated anyways!
  • Comment on Habs will play eight preseason games in 13 days; Kovalev criticizes Subban (2014-08-20 13:04:05)
    Murfdog...if you live West of Belleville, you get 32 regular season national games as listed below nicely by B. You won't get any preseason. Plus you will get the playoffs, most likely!!! Problem is if every Canadian team makes the playoffs, who will they show all Nationally? That's my concern. but for now, pretty sure MTL will be shown nationally in the playoffs no matter who else makes it! So 32 regular season games, plus playoffs. You will just have to check your local listings what channel they are on. Or you can google and print out the SN/Rogers NHL broadcast schedule to know (for example) exactly which Wed night games are being show nationally. You can also see this list buy clicking on above link for " Canadians Regular season games". There is a TV listing there. So anything that says SN, CityTV, CBC are national. (or TVAsports in French, but all those are in English in the 3 I just mentioned) I think
  • Comment on Habs will play eight preseason games in 13 days; Kovalev criticizes Subban (2014-08-20 12:26:38)
    Cal of course I have it, so why would I share them? What's there to "have all figured out". Anyone can see that playing 8 games in 13 days means lots of $ for the team, and little time to have your regular players in the line up. It's nothing new, check the line ups from last few pre-season. It doesn't take much to know it's better to have your starting 12 frwd and starting 3 pairs on Dmen play as many games prior to the start of season then to get that chemistry going during the season. Duh...
  • Comment on Habs will play eight preseason games in 13 days; Kovalev criticizes Subban (2014-08-20 12:04:25)
    Who cares how many pre-season games Habs are playing as we (high % of hab fans who don't live in Quebec) won't be able to watch any of it. Oh well, trying to make it seem like the 32 National Games SN will allow me to watch this year is like a HUGE number. 32 is a lot, repeat, 32 is lot, repeat....... yes I signed the petition months ago. But as for the 8 in 13 days...that's aweful for the team. I hate how $ is always whats most important to teams. We will see many kids play many games, kids who won't even a shot in hell to make the team. Waste of game prep time. We need to see who PA will play with. Last year they penciled Briere in with DD line and only got 1 pre-season game and didn't figure it out till a month later that it just wasn't going to work...and then Briere just never fit anywhere else. It's going to be a month of us talking about "our" lines as the coaches try all kinds during the 1st month of the season...instead of it being figured out during camp.
  • Comment on Markov as next Habs captain? (2014-08-18 13:12:07)
    Gorges...again, he is a solid dman and one of the best shot blockers. We do not get any more physical with Weaver and gilbert here instead of him. The question is, is our D core better with Weaver/Gilbert or Gorges? I'm not 100% sold it is. I will wait to see how good they end up being moving the puck, and how good they are in PKs. If there is one that habs will miss more then the other ..I think it may be Gorges more then Gio. But at end of the day.....we are ok with both of them gone. Miss them, ya maybe a little for a year....but it's not the end of the world not having either of these guys on our team. We may miss them a tad, but be fine without them too.
  • Comment on Markov as next Habs captain? (2014-08-18 13:07:59)
    I haven't heard as many ppl talk about missing Gio as they were talking about us missing Gorges. With Gio, it's a vet depth player who is a leader. That's what he offers the team. If he had come back for 1 yr at $2.5M I would have been ok as I don't see anyone covering his 15 goals he would provide. Sure we got PA, but he better cover a lot more then 15 goals for us lol! I don't expect him to cover Vaneks 30 goals, but he covers the pain of losing a 30 +goal guy a tad by being another 20+ goal guy for the team. Right now, no one replaces Gio. So that "role" for next year will be missed. Sekac or another kid may step into the roster opening, but I don't expect them to actually replace what Gio brought. Again, I think most fans don't think we are going to REALLY miss what Gio brought. But there is 15 goals gone, leadership gone. I would have been ok with him for 1 more year. But he wanted 2-3 yrs at a few more millions then he should be getting. That no one misses!