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  • Comment on Habs will go with four alternate captains this season (2014-09-16 15:12:57)
    I CAN NOT see Galchenyuk coming out of camp as the #1 center. People that ain't happening for awhile. At best they will place him on that 3rd line position. Still seems like Eller most likely to move to wing. But again, Gal has to make it out of camp as a center for anyone to move. What about Patches DD PA Eller Pleks Gally Bourq Gal Prust Bourn Manny Weise Moen I would not move Patches to the other side. You don't mess with your only goal scorer that way.
  • Comment on Habs will go with four alternate captains this season (2014-09-16 14:27:07)
    Bob Mackenzie just finished interview with MB. It will air tomorrow. But on twitter said that GM gave him interesting info. They plan to move Galchenyuk to center at camp. If he can handle the D responsibilities then this is where they see him. Let the debate begin who we are trading away!!
  • Comment on Habs will go with four alternate captains this season (2014-09-15 11:55:30)
    So is that how you chose a captain.... take the goalie out of the running and then see who are the next 4 highest paid players and say they are the leadership team? I have no issue with no captain this year. But yes I would have preferred one. No doubt it should be Markov/Pleks, but since they are 3 or less years away from no longer being a hab....I guess they don't want to keep switching captains every 3 yrs!
  • Comment on AUDIO: Former Habs captain Saku Koivu announces his retirement (2014-09-10 12:21:33)
    My kid has a hockey practice tonight, gonna pull out my old Koivu jersey and wear it proudly. too bad I live in TO! I was a kid in the 70's barely allowed to stay up to watch them win the cups. He was my captain when I became a die hard fan, he will always be "my habs captain".
  • Comment on Desharnais hopes to play on line with Gallagher, Pacioretty (2014-09-10 11:18:03)
    WE keep saying habs are a classy organization...they have to sign him to one of those one day contract thingy so that he can retire as a hab!
  • Comment on Desharnais hopes to play on line with Gallagher, Pacioretty (2014-09-10 11:17:06)
    What about Kessel and Bozak? Bozak was a NCAA FA who never was drafted, and now he centers one of the top goal scorers in the league, and was resigned because of his chemistry with Kessel
  • Comment on Martin Brodeur could be a good fit with Habs: Damphousse (2014-09-09 13:51:46)
    soooooo happy that Vinny didn't become our GM. I recall being happy when he said he was dropping out of the running lol!
  • Comment on Habs’ Price ranked third-best goalie in league by (2014-09-09 12:34:29)
    I agree about it being silly calling it a "thug culture". I think in every sport you do have players acting like criminals. Now maybe with their fame and money they assume they are untouchable, but the fact is that players are people, and whether its a league, a community, a will always having ppl behaving badly and also breaking the law. I think each case needs to be viewed individually. I don't put every bad behavior as it being a "thug culture". The fact is that this video now puts it in everyone's face and it's the hot topic. I don't follow NFL and didn't know that this story came out months ago. I am just hearing about it now cause it was on my 11pm news, one of the top stories (really?). Any person who breaks the laws (whether it's league laws:ie drugs, or criminal law) they need to be punished according to the law. If it's league suspension, or criminal jail time...I don't care if you are rich or poor, famous or a nobody....all need to be punished accordingly. For this guy, the law should be coming after him. I honestly hope he gets more then just being released by this team and suspension by the league. If it's jail time or community service time whatever the punishement is for this, he should receive it. He can't deny his actions now. Most of all, I hope he gets help. I hope he understands he needs help.
  • Comment on Clearing up the Habs’ TV picture (2014-09-04 12:56:01)
    Darn second..teaches me to write out a full sentence! Lol The downfall of beingg a women, we use too many words to talk. But I will say Pat, what u wrote above explaining the new TV sched...great job! i've been saying the same thing in my posts...but no one was getting it lol! I prop won't dish out the $60. Rogers is offering now 40 national games, plus CentreIce free till Dec.31st (if u r a customer). I'll see what's available come Jan.
  • Comment on Clearing up the Habs’ TV picture (2014-09-04 12:52:26)
    Can I actually be first- wow, never before