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  • Comment on Game Within the Game: Habs’ Galchenyuk at centre (2014-09-29 13:51:49) happy PA seems to fit there Gal-Pleks-Sekac......why play Pleks with Sekac if not in plans? Bour-eller-Gallagher..hate to see Gal go to 3rd line TOI, but he will do well wherever he plays Prust-MAnny- Weise Moen Bournival ....I think if given a shot he is a 2-3 line player Em/PK Mark/Gilb Beau/Weaver Pateryn Tinordi refines game in AHL for one more season Price- Budaj that's my guess
  • Comment on Game Within the Game: Habs’ Galchenyuk at centre (2014-09-29 13:49:08)
    LUKE!!! oh can you forget Weise. I know you just forgot and didn't cut him from the team lol
  • Comment on Preseason Game 2: Galchenyuk hero in OT as Canadiens down Avs (2014-09-26 08:27:17)
    Eller at wing..... everyone says it failed in the past. We know he clearly said to media he wants to play center. But that was then. When he still didn't know "his role" on the team, when he was still trying to cut himself a niche for this team cause his contract was going to need re-uping in 2 years...then 1 year....and now it's been done. He got a lot more then he deserved cause they are telling him they believe in him and there's an important spot for him on this team. He can simply play his game now cause he has a secure contract in hand. Maybe now Eller is more at ease and accepting to play on the wing. He is also 1-2 yrs more mature as a player. With Eller its always about confidence. He who often goes to sports physcologist. If he can wrap his head around this not being a demotion, about this not being a bad thing for his future contract and security on this team. If he can see that Eller/Gal/Gallagher can actually maybe be 2nd line TOI this year....maybe he'll be more open to it and that would lead to more success. Maybe
  • Comment on Preseason Game 2: Galchenyuk hero in OT as Canadiens down Avs (2014-09-26 08:22:08)
    THURSTON- noticed a post earlier this morning but can't it now. Can I ask which cable provider you are with? My friend is in Kitchener area and is with Cogeco. He was surprised to see no blackout on RDS. We were joking maybe they are based out of Quebec or the mailroom never delivered the letter saying they had to use the blackout button whenever a Habs game was on. Just wondering as I am in central Ontario with Shaw, no RDS and Centre Ice isn't even available yet. Everyone else, move along. Stop rolling the eyes. Don't worry I understood months ago what was going to happen. Just curious why now 2 Ontario fans are telling me their's not blackout.
  • Comment on Preseason Game 2: Galchenyuk hero in OT as Canadiens down Avs (2014-09-26 08:14:43)
    Very glad to hear Gal did well at center. (wish I could actually watch a habs game!) Anyways, I keep wondering about Pleks. there is no guarantee that Pleks resigns with the team when his contract is done. Not cause he or the habs don't want the resign to happen, but we know anything can happen in negotiations. What if Pleks wants another 4-5 yrs contract yet with all this youth MTL won't budge past 3 yrs (just an example). I wouldn't be surprised to see Gal play mostly wing, and until the Pleks next contract thing is settled one way or another, I wouldn't trade any centers. Imagine trading Eller this year, and then Pleks walks? Sure we have kids coming up but can any immediately replace eller and pleks? To me habs should play patience game for one more season. There will be injuries. Maybe play Gal at center on 2nd unit of PP, and let Pleks/Eller do PK duties. At end of day, it is nice to have options at center. Not so long ago we didn't have this!
  • Comment on The Game Within the Game: stalking Habs’ Sorkin (2014-09-24 11:22:16)
    Zero reason to keep Sherbak this year. We have a full roster and many AHL prospects who can be called up for short term injury replacements. The BEST THING for him is to go back to CHL and keep developing. I don't think Sherbak will be a difference maker on a healthy habs team. He'll play 3rd line? why bother with that. Make him play top minutes in CHL and not rush him when there is no need to.
  • Comment on Habs’ Eller sidelined with lower-body injury; junior team trades Scherbak (2014-09-22 13:50:46)
    I think the trade was more to do with import rules. Teams can only have 2 imports and his old team had 3, so one had to go. Wonder why they chose to let Sherbak go? Maybe cause he may end up in MTL this year? Or since already drafted he will be gone sooner. Just hope it isn't cause they thought he was worth keeping lol!
  • Comment on Habs will go with four alternate captains this season (2014-09-16 15:12:57)
    I CAN NOT see Galchenyuk coming out of camp as the #1 center. People that ain't happening for awhile. At best they will place him on that 3rd line position. Still seems like Eller most likely to move to wing. But again, Gal has to make it out of camp as a center for anyone to move. What about Patches DD PA Eller Pleks Gally Bourq Gal Prust Bourn Manny Weise Moen I would not move Patches to the other side. You don't mess with your only goal scorer that way.
  • Comment on Habs will go with four alternate captains this season (2014-09-16 14:27:07)
    Bob Mackenzie just finished interview with MB. It will air tomorrow. But on twitter said that GM gave him interesting info. They plan to move Galchenyuk to center at camp. If he can handle the D responsibilities then this is where they see him. Let the debate begin who we are trading away!!
  • Comment on Habs will go with four alternate captains this season (2014-09-15 11:55:30)
    So is that how you chose a captain.... take the goalie out of the running and then see who are the next 4 highest paid players and say they are the leadership team? I have no issue with no captain this year. But yes I would have preferred one. No doubt it should be Markov/Pleks, but since they are 3 or less years away from no longer being a hab....I guess they don't want to keep switching captains every 3 yrs!