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  • Comment on Canadiens send Beaulieu and Bournival down to Hamilton (2014-10-22 11:42:27)
    Well pretty sure that Beaulieu isn't too pleased to be sent down. but what can you do, they are all healthy right now. Keeping him in the pressbox doesn't help him. I just hope he reacts well to it, as often it's reported he can be a tad immature when he doesn't get his way. It's a good lesson for these young guys to learn from. It's not so much his play, but there just isn't a spot for him right now. He will/should be the first called back when needed. Bournival, feel for the kid. He too is NHL ready, but same thing...not playing doesn't help him out. Right now he can be sent down. Got to think he too is first call back if they need a frwd. To all in Ottawa...stay safe!
  • Comment on Habs get day off after blowout in Tampa (2014-10-14 12:00:32)
    I watched the Sens/Bolts game the other day and felt like MTL had a good chance to go 4-0 on the trip. Bishop is a good goalie, but as we know many teams have good goalies, you can still score a few a games on even the best goalies with some effort. Their D is solid, but thought upfront all you need to do is check on guy. Sens did well. We didn't. We don't have a game changer like Stamkos (who is prob the 2nd best player in the league offensively). But we have more depth thru the frwd lines. There's don't impress me even tho they scored 7 on us. Our problem is our D zone coverage and special teams. In each of the 4 games we played, this has been the issue. Hope they can correct this soon.
  • Comment on Habs get day off after blowout in Tampa (2014-10-14 11:44:14)
    What about Sekac? the purpose of staying in front of the net is to draw a Dman in, screen the goalie. If one banks in off of you, great. Or if there is a rebound there to tuck in- just as great. I think Sekac can do the job as he works to prove he belongs in the NHL.
  • Comment on Drop the puck! Canadiens set to open season in Toronto (2014-10-08 14:06:04)
    Leaf fans seem to be very high on the fact that this year they are a "speedy" team and seem to wonder how in the world our D will be able to survive their speed. Are they that much faster? Maybe in bottom 6 since they made a full turnover of players. But I am not as afraid of them scoring on us as the top 6 who do really have talent and haven't changed much. We will see I gues. But I'm use to saying, "cant wait till we skate around the leaf pilon Dmen". Now they are saying that of us?
  • Comment on Drop the puck! Canadiens set to open season in Toronto (2014-10-08 11:40:39)
    All that matters is where you live. If you live in Habs region then yes TVAspots, RDS you will be able to watch all the games they show. IF you don't live in MTL region, then the games will be blackouted. I live in GTA, so RDS is black when the game is on. The only exception is if the game is "national broadcast". then it doesn't matter where you live. There are about 40 national hab games this year. With national games, all that matters is you have the channel it will be on.
  • Comment on Bouillon hopes to keep playing after being released by Canadiens (2014-10-06 13:27:06)
    Was Emelin out of practice today? Don't see why he'd go from PK side man to 7th dman? Or just trying to give the kids some chemistry time for who will be their partner whenever they may play?
  • Comment on Bouillon hopes to keep playing after being released by Canadiens (2014-10-06 11:28:36)
    Excellent post Chris. A few of my opinions on some of what your wrote. Offense... agree on most. We do need another 20+ goal guy. Maybe Sekac can be that guy. ORRRRRR what about Galchneyuk playing 2 line TOI and probably 2nd PP unit get us more then 20 goals. Maybe he can get us more then 25 this year? He seems ready to go. Hope that he can stay healthy all year and not be one of these "cursed" guys who seem to get hurt every year. So PA, Galchenyuk and Sekac. Maybe those 3 cover for Gio and "another 20 goal guy". Those 3 may bring a lot more totals then just that. I too was a tad worried about the PK and the fact that this may be where we miss Gorges the most. We won't make the playoffs if our PK isn't near the top of the league, as it's been most recent years. Of course if we could have a decent PP that would be nice, you'd think!! Hope it improves. We still don't have the right partner for PK. It wasn't Gorges and it's not Emelin. You need a bonifide #2 there. Due to age, not sure if Markov can be that guy playing over 25M a game. We may have to be patient. Maybe Beaulieu next year? Tinordi the year after? (I like one O type and one D type pairing, just my like) I wasn't too worried about losing Gorges/Gio leadership. But you add Briere and Budaj and Boullion. Wow, that's a lot of solid voices. Pleks and Markov will have to be more vocal and lead the group more. I agree PK/Patches, not too sure how much "weight" they have in the room right now. You don't want kids following the younger ones, and the vets following the older leaders. With 4-A it can lead to that. One voice will have to raise above the rest. We will get beaten up by the bully teams....get use to it.
  • Comment on Bouillon hopes to keep playing after being released by Canadiens (2014-10-06 11:17:47)
    Louisville....a total assumption. Maybe BOTH MB and MT came to the same decision. That Tinordi needs to develop his NHL game in the NHL. Just cause MT and Bouillon are friends you can not assume that he wanted Bouillon and MB didn't want him and over-ruled him. At end of day MB is the one who even offered him a contract to try out. Anyways, who cares, he's gone. Guessing it means Tinordi and Beaulieu are staying. And hope us fans who have been dying for them to arrive will be patient when they mess up.
  • Comment on Game Within the Game: Habs’ Galchenyuk at centre (2014-09-29 13:51:49) happy PA seems to fit there Gal-Pleks-Sekac......why play Pleks with Sekac if not in plans? Bour-eller-Gallagher..hate to see Gal go to 3rd line TOI, but he will do well wherever he plays Prust-MAnny- Weise Moen Bournival ....I think if given a shot he is a 2-3 line player Em/PK Mark/Gilb Beau/Weaver Pateryn Tinordi refines game in AHL for one more season Price- Budaj that's my guess
  • Comment on Game Within the Game: Habs’ Galchenyuk at centre (2014-09-29 13:49:08)
    LUKE!!! oh can you forget Weise. I know you just forgot and didn't cut him from the team lol