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  • Comment on Canadiens vs. Ducks preview: Habs enjoy day off in California before game (2015-03-03 13:31:51)
    coming back from to play him to see if he can regain some scoring touch. If its our #1 need and we have a previous 20-25 goal don't sit him once cleared to play and you are in first place. He has these games to show his worth. If he doesn't, I hope MTL then sits him in playoffs. But for now, he have to see if he can get his game back. Right thing to do for this team. If we were battling for last playoff spot, as a fan I wouldn't be as patient. But I have no issue with our scoring issues to let him play...anywhere in line up till he gets back into game shape and then hopefully gets his game back. At least 12 games needed.
  • Comment on Canadiens vs. Ducks preview: Habs enjoy day off in California before game (2015-03-03 12:54:48)
    yes DSP isn't the fastest skater. Seeing him now makes me realize on this team he can't be on 2 line. But he'll be ok on 3rd line. Just when you have a fast team, you notice the one or two that aren't fast. Thing is we can't have 12 speedster, and DSP may be faster then a lot of players...just not on a fast team. there is NO ROLE for PAP. What to do? At $4M and a team needing more offense, we have to give him some games to get back and see if he can help. I don't think he can, but at this stage in season I think the team has to let him play and see. Come playoff, when cap means nothing....sit him if he didn't prove to be that 20 goal scorer this team needs.
  • Comment on Canadiens vs. Ducks preview: Habs enjoy day off in California before game (2015-03-03 12:50:01)
    wow, weird how many people still aren't over the Sekac trade. It's on many posts today. DSP is one player. And we need many different types of players to make a team. No doubt that DSP isn't the fastest player. But give the guy a break a little. You do realize that he has yet to practice with the team? Morning/game day skates are not practice. He has already been shuffled on a few lines. I;m thinking he's the type of player that needs more "coaching", you know being told his role, being told what exactly needs to be done. There are a lot of young players like this. Don't forget this is also his first full season in the NHL. Give him the same slack as we would say Beaulieu. I too loved Sekac. I expect he will be a top 6 offensive player, and I expect DSP to be a 3rd liner able to move up if need be short term. DSP is younger, concussion free, and less cap hit then Moen...that's why the move. But MB believes you must have Moen type players in the playoffs and that why he went to get DSP. Also he didn't know last week what he'd be able to land on deadline day so he had to make that move assuming trading teams took other offers and not his. Eller is still on this prove all us fans that you can score a few more goals then once/20 game. I don't care if he's on wing, he is getting good line mates and something. At what point do we give up on him and realize that maybe he is like DLR, and good 3rd line center with not too much offensive? Hope he can prove he's more then DLR.
  • Comment on Canadiens vs. Ducks preview: Habs enjoy day off in California before game (2015-03-03 12:36:28)
    Krob...the only "slow" skater upfront is DSP. One player doesn't change the whole team. And find me a team built on speed that has 12 fast skaters. If anything we are spoiled with the speed we have. DSP will be fine. I am not saying Sekac won't be a better player long run. But for right now, heading into the playoffs, that trade will not make or break us. And Prust/Mitchell/Flynn IS SUCH an improvement over Bourn/MM/'s not even funny! But yes on paper our 3rd line seems not as offensive. But Eller is still here and given a bigger role, and at end of day our "old" 3rd line just wasn't scoring.
  • Comment on Canadiens vs. Ducks preview: Habs enjoy day off in California before game (2015-03-03 12:30:29)
    Patches/DD/ Gally Eller/Pleks/Galchenyuk DSP/DLR/Weise Prust/ Mitchell/Flynn That's my line for the playoffs if all healthy. To me, outside of Price, the key on offense is that 2nd line. Galchenyuk it's time that you step up and start being a game changer. We need more consistant scoring from him. Many crap on Eller for not being an offense threat. But was he ever drafted to be one? Gal is a 3rd overall pick. to me he is the key. If he and Eller can step up...we won't be worried about the bottom 6. (which IMO there is no need to worry about). And we know Gally will be fine, and Patches scores as he always does.
  • Comment on Canadiens vs. Ducks preview: Habs enjoy day off in California before game (2015-03-03 12:25:50) we saw from Bourque. He too was given a look there, and did not do he was waived and now traded lol
  • Comment on Canadiens vs. Ducks preview: Habs enjoy day off in California before game (2015-03-03 12:21:50)
    Krob....why is it a weaker in scoring depth Sekac, Bournival, Thomas....were not scoring. Mitchell and Flynn at least have more goals this year then those 3 put together as Habs. As of right now. Mitch/Flynn may likely be gone in summer and then Bournival/Thomas will be back, if that makes you feel better. Our bottom 6 is stronger today, faster, and more experience going into the playoffs.
  • Comment on Canadiens vs. Ducks preview: Habs enjoy day off in California before game (2015-03-03 12:14:19)
    This team typically plays well after a bad game. Good, cause if Toker is in net it would be nice for the team to play well in front of him. We will see a lot of Sekac as he is playing top line with Getz/Perry. Wow, what a move for him.
  • Comment on About last night … (short west-coast edition) (2015-03-03 11:07:30)
    I know many of us just like to complain cause I guess we are bored. But at times I wonder why some enjoy wasting precious time. MB was clear last night in his media scrum. Yes he wanted a top 6 player BUT as we saw, none were available and none traded yesterday. Those deals are typically roster players/plus packages. The Leafs were most likely asking for 1-2 roster players (good ones) and 1st picks and more for JVR/KEssel/Lupul type deals. NO ONE IS GIVING UP ON TOP 6 SCORERS unless they need to. And the 1-2 teams that were interested in doing so were asking for too much. You will see roster moves like this done in the summer. A team heading into the playoffs does not want to trade away important roster players. Once 29 teams are crowned losers, then teams are willing to move players in and out. And anyone who thinks Sekac, Eller, Emelin....our "extras" will land a top scorer...dream on. Teams will want to chose from Gallagher, Beaulieu, DLR before they want a package of our "extras". And I don't know about you...I think I'd like to hold on to Gallagher, Beaulieu heading into the playoffs...and the future... But hey, lets all complain that MB didn't know what he was doing and that he let all the other teams trade for those top 6 players yesterday.
  • Comment on Habs acquire Oilers defenceman Jeff Petry and Sabres forwards Brian Flynn and Torrey Mitchell at NHL trade deadline (2015-03-02 16:06:30)
    maybe I was expecting nothing as I knew prices were high and MB would not make those trades. The fact we got the best Dman available today is more then just ok. I am just being realistic. No top scoring guys moved, so it's not like we missed out on sending Eller our 1st and a few prospects to some other team. No one made those trades for a frwd today