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  • Comment on Habs, Eller far apart heading into salary arbitration (2014-07-23 15:32:21)
    My offer would be 2 yrs at $5.5M-5.75M total to Eller For PK, it would be $7.5M per year for 8 yrs
  • Comment on Habs, Eller far apart heading into salary arbitration (2014-07-23 15:28:35)
    Eller would have been a top 6 player for this team already if he didn't show his disapproval of being played as a winger. If he had switched to winger...he'd be getting his $3M, if not more, this contract. We are weak at wing, have been the last 2 seasons. He could have been the answer to the wing spot with Patches/DD. I know, I know many of you think DD is garbage and that Eller would have more pts if he played DD minutes/linemates. Of course no one can know cause it never happened. But when the opportunity came for him to have a bigger role on this team, via playing the wing, he basically refused. He didn't want to play there, made it clear to media, and you could tell he wasn't trying on the ice and thus forcing the team to put him back on 3rd line. I use to think Martin was nuts when he stated....I don't know what I have in Eller. And here we are 2-3 yrs later and the Habs are still not sure what they have. He may be more of a Pouliot then a top 6 player. Has the tools and everyone keeps waiting to see it come together!
  • Comment on Habs’ Bergevin beaten out for NHL’s GM of the Year Award (2014-06-25 14:17:53)
    Pretty sure that one team drafting late in 1st round that said they wouldn't ever draft him as he goes against the type of players they are looking for in the MTL. So ppl stop wishing it ain't happening! Wonder if MB would have ever drafted PK if he was at the helm that year?
  • Comment on (AUDIO) Habs sign Markov to three-year contract; Burns named to Hall of Fame (2014-06-23 14:35:14)
    I'm happy. at 5.75M it gives us cap room. The fact is he is our 2nd best dman right now. And at his calaber, that's cheap! No one knows what will happen in 3 yrs. He may still be our 2nd best dman!! The fact is we can really REALLY use a healthy Markov for at least another 2 yrs while the kids develop their NHL game. If they unseed him in the depth chart...GREAT, that's what I want to see happen. Then we can worry about his final contract year. But then again, in 3 yrs he may still be one of our top dmen, and it may be a player like Gorges or Emelin that gets moved for one of the young guys. But lets first see them become regulars in the NHL before we say we don't need Markov, Gorges or Emelin. Great move!
  • Comment on NHL, Habs release complete 2014-15 schedule (2014-06-23 12:24:18)
    MrHabby....I can bitch all I want. I was paying $2/month for RDS. That's $24 for a full year. Now I have to pay $25/month during the hockey season to watch the games? And I shouldn't bitch. You must work for Rogers and got a raise or something. Not everyone can afford to pay that much. And what if you aren't on Rogers? I have Shaw. Does NHL Center ICE guarantee all 82 hab games?
  • Comment on NHL, Habs release complete 2014-15 schedule (2014-06-23 12:21:50)
    Vinny....the problem is they are only showing 4 Hab games on Wed nights and 4 on Sundays the whole season. So thanks, but now I can't see ALL their games. Just 20 Saturday nights and 8 mid week. So I get 28 games instead of 82. That's the problem. That this new Sportsnet deal forces RDS to no longer be able to show their games nationally is just crap.
  • Comment on NHL, Habs release complete 2014-15 schedule (2014-06-22 20:23:19)
    Ok everyone, here's the deal. If u live in worries u r covered with RDS and TVAsports. If u don't live in Quebec, u were able to watch all Hab games on RDS as long as ur provider had the channel. I'm in GTA and have Shaw and paid only $2 extra each month for RDS. It was soooo worth it. But due to this new Sportsnet deal, RDS is no longer allowed to show its games Nationally. So they will be blackout outside of Quebec. I can assume it's the same for the 20 TVAsport Hab games. Rogers couldn't be happier cause Bell owns RDS and obviously they will lose all their subscibers. I mean why would I keep RDS now. So all this rah rah about great coverage for fans across the bull for Hab fans.
  • Comment on NHL, Habs release complete 2014-15 schedule (2014-06-22 18:53:23)
    So that's it!!??? All us Hab fans living outside of Quebec who were able too catch aall 82 games on RDS are now going to be blackout out cause of this horrible Sportsnet deal, and all we get is most Saturday games (not all), 4 we'd night games, and 4 Sunday games. I am sooooo upset right now. Bye bye subscription to RDS. But Sportsnet doesn't care cause their owners didn't even carry RDS. It's their competitors that will be losing subscription money. And this crappy deal gets even sweeter for Rogers...laughing all the way to the bank. And the fans suffer.
  • Comment on Habs sign Weise to two-year contract (2014-06-18 14:30:00)
    So now I know why no UFA's have signed with their teams. According to what I'm reading in these posts below, teams can now start talking with other team's UFA's as of June 25th. First off this makes me laugh cause we all know that the top UFAs this happens all the time. No way these guys gets signed minutes after UFA market opens unless they have already had talks. Anyways, now everyone can do it without pretending it doesn't happen. I have no doubt many teams will contact Markov's agent. This will drive up the price as many will say no prob to matching his request, while others will up it. He will be one of the most sought after UFA dmen this year. I think MB has to sign him prior to June 25th or it may cost us more. As for Gio, now I know why he is waiting and hasn't accepted MTl's offer yet. MTL offered him a contract with a "new role", which I am sure the cash will also be lower. Why say yes now when you can wait another week and see if other teams are interested or not. And if interested, if they have "bigger role" for you. Players have so much power in the UFA market, it's not even funny.
  • Comment on Habs sign Weise to two-year contract (2014-06-17 20:03:38)
    As per twitter...Therrien got a 3 year extension plus a club option for the 4th year. if that matters to anyone lol