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  • Comment on Montreal-born Bowman rebuilds Hawks depth (2011-08-07 07:27:38)
    Some Hawks love. Fantastic. Don't kill me but they have been my Team B for awhile (Habs vs Hawks game last year was my favourite of the season). I'm 100% with you Stu. Bowman has done an amazing job this offseason in terms of rebuilding the Hawks depth. The only thing I dislike is the signing of Carcillo. I hate that guy. I've long dreamed of Patrick Sharp to Montreal but staying with the Hawks works for me too. I'm happy they kept him and was sure that he would eventually be a cap casualty. The Campbell move gives me hope for a Gomez trade which would save our asses in the Price and Subban negotiations next year. Still hoping that Gomer picks himself up and battles back this year. Moving him now is virtually impossible due his horrendous season. So it really is for the best to hold onto him now and hope he gives us a good season so we can get some return for him in the offseason or at the deadline. I sometimes wish that all other NHL teams had a site as good as this representing them. IF anyone is aware of sites like this for other teams please let me know (Except for the Bruins, Flyers, and Leafs... shag them).
  • Comment on Two LWs make Yahoo list (2011-07-28 11:44:19)
    Patati Patata. St. Laurent and Rachel. mmmm....
  • Comment on Louis Leblanc on the Armada? (2011-07-13 12:57:24)
    Louis LeBlanc better look out for Rod Torfulson or Herman Menderchuck as they may try to take his spot. Too dated?
  • Comment on Waiting for Gorges (2011-07-12 22:54:06)
    I absolutely love being portrayed as an idiot. Show a little respect. One can be funny without putting people down.
  • Comment on Bummer … on many levels (2011-06-16 20:23:40)
    Thanks for you answers folks. I was getting bored reading about the Bruin's and the Canucks' riot. Would Roy be a good fill in for Muller if he goes elsewhere?
  • Comment on Bummer … on many levels (2011-06-16 15:20:18)
    Community question: If a trade were to happen this offseason. What player's do you think are untouchable and what players do you think are trade bait? Edit: Let's exclude Subban and Price.
  • Comment on Canadiens sign AK46 (2011-06-09 22:08:53)
    Hopefully him and Lars can rekindle that chemistry they had towards the end of the season.
  • Comment on Canadiens sign AK46 (2011-06-09 22:04:38)
    Can you be a bit more creative and less bigoted in your insults please.
  • Comment on Price gets start vs Capitals (2011-03-25 13:12:15)
    In the words of the great Samuel Beckett: No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better. So let us hope that they take last night's loss in stride and improve the parts of their game that the Bruins exploited last night. Perhaps they tried to fit too many pieces back into the puzzle at once but at least those pieces are back. I think it's good for the team to have a brutal wake up call before the playoffs.
  • Comment on Game 75: Bruins destroy Habs (2011-03-24 18:00:23)
    Dear Hockey Gods, I would really like a solid, fast, and close game of hockey with minimal controversy. I would also like the Habs to win in regulation. Sincerely, Mark p.s. Plekanec hat trick.