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  • Comment on ‘You’ll see tonight,’ Therrien says of possible lineup changes for Habs (with audio and video) (2014-05-22 15:43:17)
    He was also sandwiched in there by Phaneuf. Basically ran out of real estate between the two leafs.
  • Comment on HI/O Show: Demers, Nilan talk Habs vs. Rangers (2014-05-22 11:41:11)
    I don't understand how there is any debate as to Kreider's intent to run these goalies? His body of work speaks for itself. That he doesn't maintain a repeat offender status within the League office is laughable! I appreciate that as isolated incidents an argument can be made for accidental or incidental contact for any of these individual instances. Yet when all three incidents are examined in succession it's plain to see there is a pattern of wreckless behavior with clear intent to make contact with the goalies. In the Anderson Contact, It appears to me that he dives at the oppurtune time to give the illusion that he was tripped, and conveniently is unable to avoid contact with Anderson. In the Fleury Contact, He has more than enough room to cut wide and past the goalie but instead decides to run him... This was the only play resulting in a penalty of the three. As for the Price Contact, I'm sure we've collectively spent as many man-hours analyzing as the secret service did the Zapruder film. I don't know if I'd advocate an eye for an eye... but in my assessment the evidence is compelling that this was no accident.
  • Comment on About last night … (2013-04-16 10:52:21)
    So Price has the yips... He'll come around! I paid decent coin to be at the game on Saturday in TO- 100 level -Had not it been for the copious amounts of beer consumed pre-game and in-game that could have been pretty painful! The one consolation was that I photo-bombed the Jumbo-Tron with the Leafs Blow Jersey... But I digress, What happened to Therien's meritocracy? Posters have been astutely pointing out that Eller has been consistently outperforming DD while securing inferior quality and quantity minutes... It was one thing when the team was ultimately winning but if this continues when does MT's hand get forced?
  • Comment on Bouillon signs one-year contract extension with Habs (2013-03-20 13:36:35)
    Komisarek was just put on waivers by the Leafs... how does this change the complexion of your argument?
  • Comment on About last night … (2013-02-28 10:15:08)
    I too ride the GO...I don't mind the harrassment though.. It's all part of the fun and it serves to enhance the experience. Generally my exchanges are all good natured. It's been my experience that most Leafs Fans are more embarrassed than they are angry... If the jersey hits a nerve it's because they are mindful of the truthfullness. At the same time, being a relatively large fellow at 6'3" - 235lbs I suspect that factors into the average Leafs fans cost/benefit calculation as to how far they want to push the "harassment" envelope. Outside of the jersey I don't tend to poke the Leafs fans too much unless they are being cowboys. Suck it up next time you go to a game - Wear the colors! There are always a sufficient numbers of Habs fans in the stands to get your back!
  • Comment on About last night … (2013-02-28 09:22:28)
    I visit this site daily however I'm generally not in the habit of commenting... Although given that a picture of me in my jersey made it to the article header I figured I would weigh in. Great game last night! Nothing better than beating the Leafs in their barn! There is very little that brings me more pleasure. Having moved to TO in the late 90's that Jersey was the culmination of having to put up with Leafs fans blowhardedness for many years (especially those years where the habs were relatively weak). Any given night I wear it out, tons of people ask if they can snap a shot of it... I guess it was only a matter of time before it landed on this site. At any rate, really enjoying this season so far! Let's keep it up!
  • Comment on Liveblog: Six? Sick! (2011-10-24 23:24:23)
    They (RDS) announced it at the beginning of the second period.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Six? Sick! (2011-10-24 23:04:58)
    The sky is officially falling! The panic button has officially been pressed! What is most distressing is that there is still 70 plus games left and it would be naive to think that we have bottomed out given the schedule for the rest of the week let alone the season. I don't know who the problem is but at this point I would start by canning JM.... In this instance I am convinced that there is virtue in change for the sake of change... Let's face it - any replacement would be hard-pressed to do any worse at this point. I honestly didn't think that the boys could be this ineffective... watching the games this year has been special torture.... it's frustrating that for all intents and purposes the season has ended before it ever really got underway.... let's not sugarcoat things, the odds of us making the playoffs following this start are extremely thin regardless of any changes that may be in the pipeline. I want to be optimistic but there is little reason for optimism given the way things have transpired to date... I wish that I could have at least watched the boys on L'antichambre bitch for a while - that may have offered somethinfg of an outlet... stupid World Series.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Six? Sick! (2011-10-24 16:26:08)
    Passable??? Did anyone else notice during the recent election's French debates when he said we were having too many erections instead of elections... on more than one occasion no less!
  • Comment on Canadiens bulk up for Panthers (2011-10-24 10:44:55)
    True. But what irks me is the the organization's pattern of behavior in regards to the perceived head cases. Rather than invest more time mentoring these kids the habs ship them off at fire sale prices.... Only to have some attentive assistant coach or veteran player at the new team give the Ex-Hab Headcase whatever attention or support they were lacking in the Montreal system thus allowing the on-ice ability float to the surface.