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  • Comment on Canadiens hit all-star break on a high (2015-01-23 00:33:46)
    In July 2005 Kyle McDonald started with a red paperclip and in a series of 14 trades over the period of one year he traded his paperclip for a house. I think of this story whenever I'm looking at how Marc Bergevin is running the Habs. There is no way to start from ground zero and trade immediately for a Stanley Cup contending team. But if every trade (or at least the majority of your trades) improve your team then eventually you'll wind up with a contender. I would argue that most of Bergevin's trades have made the Habs a better team. In some cases he has gained a better player (Diaz for Weise) and in some cases he has gained cap space (Bourque for Allen). And in some of his trades (Moen for Gonchar) he's done both at the same time. But what people have to keep in mind is that you have to give something to get something. The stream of trade suggestions on here where someone proposes getting rid of someone they don't like (Emelin, Desharnais, Gilbert, Allen ...) plus a prospect nobody believes will actually make the team (Pateryn, Dumont, Nygren ...) plus a second round pick for a first or second line winger are simply unrealistic. It's kind of like saying "I'll trade you three red paperclips for your house". Don't expect a lineup around the block for that one.
  • Comment on Habs vs. Senators preview: Tokarski gets start in goal (2015-01-15 14:10:37)
    I'd add Orest Kindrachuk.
  • Comment on Habs vs. Senators preview: Tokarski gets start in goal (2015-01-15 11:46:32)
    It's hard to argue with people who say Emelin has sucked this year. His contract is cited as a major gaffe on the part of Marc Bergevin. That being said, I'm not quite ready to write him off yet. Before his knee injury and resulting surgery his play more than warranted his current contract. He was a wrecking ball, one of the last - and certainly most effective - of the big open ice hitters. He had a very good first pass, was defensively responsible, had reasonable speed and had a bit of offensive upside. Since his return he is slow, has stopped hitting almost completely, gets beaten to the outside constantly and makes very poor decisions with the puck, giving it away far too often for someone making the money he does. I think (hope) his struggles are down to an unusually long recovery from the knee injury. A couple of years ago someone on this site talked about proprioceptive sense. I'd never heard this term before and looked it up. Apparently it is the way we sense and use our joints (whoever talked about this previously explained it a lot better). Anyway, it seems like the inability to use a joint for an extended period (such as is caused by surgery) can cause the loss of this ability in someone. The effect is that you don't totally trust the joint even if only at a subconscious level. You also have to think about doing things with that joint that would have been automatic before the injury. It can take up to a year and a half to regain the proprioceptive sense after surgery. It is apparently very common for elite athletes to take a full season or more to return to former performance levels after a joint has been fully rehabilitated. I don't believe that a player at Emelin's level just suddenly forgets the skills they had. What we saw before the injury was the real player. I think that he has just taken an unusually long time to regain the feel in that knee. I suspect that this has cascaded into him doubting and second guessing himself. His confidence is shot and he is no longer just reacting on the ice. Instead he is taking the extra split second to think about what he's going to do which often results in poor or slow execution. If he's still playing like this a year from now I'll figure he's probably finished. But I'm hoping that he'll turn the corner and again start playing to the level he has proven in the past he is capable of. If he can he becomes a very valuable addition to the blueline and takes the team a significant step closer to being a strong contender.
  • Comment on Canadiens vs. Blue Jackets preview: Emelin will be in lineup for Habs (2015-01-14 10:41:57)
    More please. Seems like you haven't been around much lately and I need the humor to get through the day.
  • Comment on Habs are a good team, but there’s still work to do (2015-01-10 01:51:16)
    So which league would you suggest? He's playing in the WHL and he can't play in the AHL or ECHL. The only league he could play in would be the NHL. Hard to wrap your head around, but being 18, he pretty much has to play junior or the Habs.
  • Comment on Habs return to practice rink and work on struggling power play (2015-01-08 18:32:01)
    I notice you didn't answer the question. Do you think anyone responds well to someone shrieking obscenities at them? Most people's response to that kind of vitriol is to decrease their commitment level to working for that leader and eventually to start outright sabotaging him. What should he do? Try coaching.
  • Comment on Habs return to practice rink and work on struggling power play (2015-01-08 16:49:28)
    Man that, Mike Yeo video looked like what people on here were accusing Therrien of being. I just don't think that kind of approach works anymore (if it ever did). Just imagine if your manager got all the people in your department together and did something like that. Do you think the result would be a) Vastly improved productivity along with a happy and respecful workplace b) A bunch of your co-workers updating their resumes, applying for jobs elsewhere and surfing the net while they waited for responses Hmm, let me think about that. I know personally, I've always responded ... um, strongly ... to abuse from "superiors", but then I have a problem with authority.
  • Comment on Habs return to practice rink and work on struggling power play (2015-01-08 16:34:27)
    2006. I should have said new to me. Are those split hairs I see on your cravat?
  • Comment on Habs return to practice rink and work on struggling power play (2015-01-08 15:17:47)
    @Mattyleg - thanks for the mention of Oxford comma. It's the title of a great song by Vampire Weekend, one of my favorite new bands: "Who gives a f__ about an oxford comma". I always wondered what it meant but was too lazy to look it up until now. So kudos.
  • Comment on Canadiens vs. Lightning preview (2015-01-05 17:38:04)
    Post of the day - not sure if this intentionally humorous or just the worst case of lack of self awareness in history.