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  • Comment on Subban, Habs submit salary figures; Lacroix new assistant coach (2014-07-30 13:35:15)
    I must have missed this one - what was the 'coach-gate' controversy?
  • Comment on Subban, Habs submit salary figures; Lacroix new assistant coach (2014-07-30 13:29:26)
    Sure glad Glen Sather didn't feel this way about Craig McTavish. Much as I dislike Sather for other reasons, one of the few things I really give him credit for was signing McT after he got out of jail. Whatever you think about his coaching/GMing, McTavish is one of the genuinely nicest people I've met. His son was affiliated to my son's team during the previous lockout and he came and ran a practice for us. I've talked to him on any number of occasions and he is one of the good guys. Who knows how things would have gone for him if Sather hadn't given him a second chance.
  • Comment on Habs development camp underway in Brossard (VIDEO) (2014-07-08 23:08:42)
    I think MB could have gotten more for Gorges if he'd had the luxury of waiting and shopping him around. Unfortunately, that hit the skids when some idiot in the Leafs organization leaked the deal to Bob McKenzie. Once it became public knowledge it turned into a 3 ring circus. It forced Bergevin to make the best deal he could as quickly as possible. I strongly suspect that he won't be accepting any calls from Nonis in the near future. I don't think he was impressed with the way that whole thing got away on them. EDIT: hmm I see HabinBurlington made pretty much the same point while I was typing this out. Another case of great minds think alike I guess.
  • Comment on Habs invite 50 players to development camp (2014-07-04 14:16:43)
    The problem is he hasn't even figured out how to be effective in his own zone as a winger. Once he starts to figure that out maybe he gets moved to centre. How many goals would you like us to give up while he wanders around lost in our zone? I hear people suggesting putting him into Desharnais' spot. That would be perfect - we already have Pacioretty skating aimlessly around in our end, add Galchenyuk to that equation and they'll have to score 100 goals just to not be a net minus as a line.
  • Comment on Habs invite 50 players to development camp (2014-07-04 14:08:38)
    The problem is that he is apparently lousy on draws as well as not being particularly good in his own zone. These are not the attributes you look for from a centre. I'd say that he probably won't get a real shot at it until he starts showing a lot more defensive acumen inside our blue line.
  • Comment on Habs invite 50 players to development camp (2014-07-04 13:59:55)
    Most of what you say I agree with. But say what you will about Bob Gainey as a GM, you would be hard pressed to find a tougher player than Bob Gainey. No he didn't fight, but he hit as hard as anyone during his era. Not only did he hit, but it was almost always clean. He was as hard nosed a player as you could find. I was sitting in the first row along the glass just outside the goal line in a game in Edmonton when the Habs played here. Gainey took Randy Gregg (who was huge) into the boards so hard I thought they were going to wind up in my lap. And I swear to God, there was snow from Gregg's skate on the glass above my head (and I'm 6'). Another game I remember Craig Muni trying to take out Gainey's knee (he was infamous for destroying knees and careers with that leg drag thing). Well Gainey saw what he was doing at the last second and managed to turn it around (by somehow locking his knee or something) so that Muni was the one who wound up limping off the ice.
  • Comment on Defenceman Lernout, forward Audette among Habs’ six draft picks (2014-06-29 13:27:38)
    Am I the only one who is a little worried about the blue line for next year? Regardless of what you think about the play of Murray, Bouillon or Weaver they all played regular shifts at various times throughout the year. With all 3 of them gone we're now looking at Markov, Subban, Emelin and Gorges on the back end. Along with them it will be some combination of Drewiske (who didn't impress me much) and apparently 3 rookies - Beaulieu, Tinordi and possibly Pateryn. I know you have to allow the kids to claim spots but if we run into any injuries - which we almost always do - we could potentially be looking at 3 rookies and Drewiske playing regular minutes at the same time. Hmm - McDavid sweepstakes anyone? Now there are rumblings that Gorges is on the block. The only way this would make sense to me is if they're trading him for a RD. Even with Gorges in the lineup, I think MB still needs to go out and find a veteran to help ease the transition for the kids and as insurance against the inevitable injury bug.
  • Comment on ‘I feel like it’s my home,’ Habs’ Markov says about Montreal (2014-06-26 16:44:41)
    Something doesn't add up here. If RDS has rights to 60 games in the Quebec viewing area why can't TVA get the national rights to those games and black them out in the Quebec area? This whole concept of regional vs national is kind of bizarre. Why would the Habs willingly lock themselves out of the rest of Canada for 60 games when they could have simply gone the whole way with TVA?
  • Comment on ‘I feel like it’s my home,’ Habs’ Markov says about Montreal (2014-06-26 15:53:04)
    So in all this sturm und drang over access to Habs games for us poor benighted WHF (western Habs fans), I have a question - is there any reason why TVA can't broadcast all Habs games since they seem to have the national rights? I remember a few years ago before RDS was even a gleam in TSN's little anglo eye, TVA used to broadcast all the Habs games. I got to watch them free on Shaw cable. Unfortunately, that ended when the ANIK 2 satellite fell out of the sky. Also is there any reason why TVA can't broadcast the games on their main network like they used to? I already get that channel on Shaw for free. Hell, I'd be happy to pay for TVA Sports the same way I currently do to get RDS if they would show all the games. 2 things I do not want to do: - have to track across multiple channels to find some portion of the Habs games - pay those swine at the NHL for their hockey network I want a solution that allows me to record/time delay all Habs games and watch them while the game is still in progress. Is that too much to ask? I have a couple of techie friends looking into solutions.
  • Comment on ‘I feel like it’s my home,’ Habs’ Markov says about Montreal (2014-06-26 10:59:32)
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