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  • Comment on Vintage blah in Kanata (2011-04-08 11:16:32)
    It was no wonder the Habs scored in dying minute of the game, Gomez was not on the ice. No wonder they lost in overtime Gomez was on the ice. If you watched the overtime goal you can see how lazy Gomez really is. He does this all the time. When he get close to the opposition net he either passes or takes a weak shot and skates away from traffic. I never believed that he would even try to make a difference with the Habs. He is just here to collect his paycheck. I wonder how his French lessons are coming along. It’s no wonder he never let his apartment in NY go. A message for JM. Definition of an insane person; someone who keeps doing the same thing over and over again and expects different results.
  • Comment on And then they rested … (2011-03-31 11:39:43)
    The excuse for loosing last nights game was they played a hungrier team. When they play a team that is not in the playoff race and loose its because the other team had nothing to loose and were under no pressure. They have it covered every way.
  • Comment on Embarrassing! (2011-03-24 21:01:28)
    Two important games and two poor showings by the Habs. Gomez inability to produce is only surpassed by his stupid ability to take meaningless penalties at the worst time. It’s time for the Habs to cut their losses and send this guy packing. He is nothing short of poison on this team.