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  • Comment on Saku Koivu expects ‘awesome, emotional’ Bell Centre tribute (2014-12-17 13:31:05)
    Hey folks! Don't post too often, just want to say hello to everyone and wish them a happy holidays! Hope everyone has a fun and safe holiday season, filled with family, friends and good hockey. You guys are a great community and a wonderful distraction from textbooks. Saku Koivu will always have a special place in the books for me. On the ice he was a bright spot during some dark times, but like another great Canadien, it was his character off the ice that has left a stronger impression. His kindness, generosity and work with the community were incredible. I really feel like he’s a modern day hero, able to inspire those who desperately need it. It’s too bad the success of the Habs wasn’t there during his time, because I would love to see his name in the rafters, but maybe naming the box for the Children’s hospital kids after him is a better fit. I’m sure the Bell Center will do him proud tomorrow night. Anyone see the shootout in Florida last night? 20 rounds, Florida scored five or six times to keep them alive before winning in the 20 th round. Ovie, and three other players even shot twice, and there were some awesome goals. http://video.nhl.com/videocenter/console?catid=35&id=701947 Go Habs Go! CH-eers!
  • Comment on Liveblog: Eastern semifinal Game 7 – Bye-bye Bruins! Canadiens win 3-1, advance to Conference final (2014-05-14 17:19:18)
    Hah great story! During a playoff game, my friend came down into our basement shrine mid period, and right after the other team scored. He was forced to watch the rest of the playoffs in the kitchen on a 18 inch toshiba CH-eers!
  • Comment on Habs, Bruins meet for ninth time in a Game 7 (with videos) (2014-05-14 15:15:03)
    Mt Doug is a great hike right in the city, me and the girlfriend like getting some sushi and eating at the top. When we have more time we like Finlason, and the tressel is really cool too. There's even a Habs bar dt, Smiths, that shows games on RDS. Watched game one against Tampa there, and actually won a pint calling Weisse to get the OT winner. (Saw he was your current fave). Nice people go a long way in a happy life, it's great to have good neighbours. It's too bad our country is so big when it comes to travel, but shoot me a line when your back on the island! CH-eers!
  • Comment on Habs, Bruins meet for ninth time in a Game 7 (with videos) (2014-05-14 14:34:13)
    Love the Island!!! I've been in Victoria for a good portion of the last year, and it's just awesome. Lot slower pace than Montreal, but you can't turn around without seeing a beautiful beach, hiking trail or mountain peak. If you like the outdoors, I don't know if there is a better place to be. And it's got incredible microbreweries, you'll never see a Bud or Labatt or tap, no room for them. I'll be back in august, looking forward to a surf trip in Uclulet and Tofino when my season is over. Love your optimism. I feel like Boston is gonna throw everything at us, and we will hang on. A little rope a dope. Rask will let in bad goals at bad times. I love the reference to 2010. Enjoy the game my friends. We Habs fans have a wonderful common denominator no matter what city we are in. I remember talking Habs with a fan on a tiny beach in Nicaragua that had about ten people on it, two hours from any kind of town. Keep Stittsville rockin tonight!!! Go Habs Go!!! CH-eers!
  • Comment on Habs, Bruins meet for ninth time in a Game 7 (with videos) (2014-05-14 14:09:21)
    Well folks, first off I would like to say hello to all off you wonderful fans from the Capital of the North, Prince George BC. I've been out here doing peice work, but a bout of tendinitis forced me to stay home from work today. I absolutely hate missing work, but I have to say that being able to watch the full game today is quite the silver lining. I just want to put my positive vibes in the air. As nervous as I am, and whatever way this game goes, I am very proud of the present team and excited about our future. I haven't felt this good about our Habs in a long time. There are many Leaf fans in my camp, and all of them are grudgingly pulling for the Habs. A tough but not dirty, fast, hard working team is hard not to like. Bend but not break. There is something special about them. Thoughts on the game, I feel like it's going to be close. if not OT, a late winner. Don't know why but I feel like Prust might pot the winner. Either way it's great celebrating hockey and the Habs with you guys. Enjoy the game, even if it's watching through your fingers. Go Habs Go!!! CH-eers!
  • Comment on Moen takes spot on fourth line as Habs prepare for Bruins (with practice video) (2014-04-27 16:16:40)
    Scoring the first goal will be another very important area, especially for the Habs. Boston has strong team defence, being behind more than one goal, I think it would be tough for us to come back from. Setting the tone will be huge. I think the first PP/PK, first goal, first period and first game hold a bit more weight in this series versus others. I think having a good start makes them think/question themselves and the way they play. They probably won't be rattled easily as they have experience and a good coach, but getting in their heads seems to work well. CH-eers!
  • Comment on Habs vs. Bruins in Eastern Conference semifinals (2014-04-26 19:28:51)
    We are happy being just the best hockey city. But good luck to you, should be a dandy. If anyone is gonna knock off the Bruins in the east it's us. CH-eers!
  • Comment on Habs vs. Bruins in Eastern Conference semifinals (2014-04-26 19:26:22)
    Beauty! Got to see him live at Petit Campus. Lone Gone to Saskatchewan and Bible on the Dash are a couple of my faves. That's a great brewin song! CH-eers!
  • Comment on Habs vs. Bruins in Eastern Conference semifinals (2014-04-26 19:19:52)
    Hey ice machine is that sig from the Corb Lund song? CH-eers!
  • Comment on Habs vs. Bruins in Eastern Conference semifinals (2014-04-26 19:18:08)
    Agree. It's tough not to want to throw Murray, Moen and White in the mix, but you have to go with a sweeping line up. CH-eers!