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  • Comment on HIO at practice: Fight! (2012-01-02 12:44:03)
    I love it when people try to sound intelligent by quoting dead people. Henry David Thoreau wrote about civil liberties during war time you moron. Something written well over a century ago to describe a way of life you have had the lifetime luxury of knowing squat about doesn't just universally apply to everything you decide it does. Most especially, it doesn't translate in anyway to a friggin' hockey team. Go read more books (or surf Wikipedia, which seems more likely for you) and quit letting the Montreal Canadiens bring you down. You're obviously much too intelligent to waste your time with a silly little game.
  • Comment on About last night … (2011-12-14 02:22:24)
    Precisely. You'd never guess from reading the most negative media in the world though. Chalk one up for PG (and also one for Andrew Berkshire).
  • Comment on Sunday argument-starter (2011-12-11 16:12:45)
    I don't care if he's 40. This isn't EA Sports. If anyone wanted Gomez, they'd have him by now. I'm with habs_fan101, people on this site are awe-strikingly out to lunch sometimes.
  • Comment on About last night … (2011-11-13 02:49:10)
    Pretty paranoid sounding piece Boone. Ya think you go back and forth a little too much? Good grief. I saw a team with injuries gut out two wins in tough barns. I saw a team lose two games before that in contests they played well enough to win. With fair reffing and no sickly hot Oil goaltender, this Habs team is riding an eight-game winning streak. "This could be the season right here" Absolute nonsense.
  • Comment on Gomez returns, Cammy game-time, AK46 out, Budaj in goal (2011-11-11 23:29:55)
    I'll take that bet. Here's an idea. How about you quit watching them and then we'll let you know when all that happens? Then, you don't have to see a team you don't like. And we won't won't have to peruse through your nonsensical comments. I definitely agree regarding DD but the rest of your habwarrior gut needs to lay off the cold cuts.
  • Comment on Gomez returns, Cammy game-time, AK46 out, Budaj in goal (2011-11-11 23:26:41)
    Hahahahahaha, wow. How are you not a GM?
  • Comment on Audio: Hamrlik comments on new life with Capitals (2011-07-03 04:08:20)
    I like this but with Eller at centre and White on that line. I think his energy with AK and Eller would be insanity. Plus, Darche, Moen and DD would be among the better fourth lines in hockey all around, IMO. But I do like your idea of Pac with Pleks and Cammy.
  • Comment on So how do you like your Montreal Canadiens? (2011-07-02 12:40:28)
    Standard answer from a clueless fan. Maybe your boss should can you for absolutely no reason too. Idiots.
  • Comment on Gauthier has money in the bank (2011-06-30 17:21:51)
    Wow. Blah, blah, blah... and nothing. Thanks for that. Big words do not display smarts. In fact, mashing so many of them together with poor grammar and incorrect context simply magnifies a complete LACK of intelligence, which I'm sure is the exact opposite effect you were aiming for... But I digress...
  • Comment on Audio: Gauthier loads up on the blue line at NHL draft (2011-06-26 12:36:07)
    How can anyone talk like this? First of all, a team with significant injuries takes Boston to OT in game 7 and they have no chance of getting past them for years to come?? Garbage. Any kind of creativity? Just because you think something up on xbox don't necessarily make it possible in reality. They took the best player available in round one. After that, anyone who wants to talk about this draft group before about 2016 clearly just likes to hear themselves blab. You, me and everyone else alive knows just about jack squat about how this will turn out. When were you figuring a 17th-overall power forward would be ready? September? Having a clever username doesn't make you an expert. I was laughing my head off throughout every word of the nonsense you've thought up. And no, I couldn't be bothered to be nice about this. You're just another fan who thinks he knows how to run an NHL franchise and every time the team you cheer for goes in a different direction you act like the world is caving in. Get a life. PS - The Aesop's fable analogy made absolutely zero sense in the context you were hoping for. Maybe you were thinking about the ant and the grasshopper? Either way, entirely LAME.