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  • Comment on About yesterday afternoon … (2014-05-04 13:58:08)
    i dont like seeing the word "collapse." to collapse means we were in full control of the game - which we werent. out chanced and out shot it was a matter of time before the bruins scored their typical 'lucky' goals. with that being said, the bruins deserved to win that game - just not the way it went down though. habs need to play a perfect game to win. they did. however, you just account for the bizarre luck the bruins bring to the table with deflections and angles off the glass that lead to goals and chances. g b
  • Comment on Habs vs. Bruins will start Thursday night (2014-04-29 18:07:12)
    i dont like how 'saturday day game' in the US trumps saturday nights 'hockey night' in canada.
  • Comment on Price takes part in full practice, but still listed as day-to-day (with video) (2014-03-14 14:39:16)
    MT is clearing trying to get fired. next he will be dragging the 93 stanley cup trophy around the parking lot tied to his car! g b
  • Comment on Habs get day off after loss to Bruins (2014-03-13 13:21:07)
    just guessing that the pressure in montreal will lead to price coming back too soon, in which case he plays poorly or gets re-injured. the only silver lining in this scenario is is that we will miss the playoffs, get our 2nd rounder back from the islanders and MT will be fired. doesnt sound that bad actually.
  • Comment on Habs acquire defenceman Weaver from Panthers; Price back on ice (2014-03-04 23:23:55)
    it makes me sick to see habs fans talking about parting with lars eller. the guy has the best hands on the team and is one of only a few players on this team that can actually carry the puck into the offensive zone. he is a big center with lots of talent. Let's not forget as part of the EGG line last year and this year, he was dominant. Playing with bourque and whoever else they pull onto that line hasnt exactly helped Larry. the only good thing about lars numbers being down as our 3rd line center is maybe we can get a break on signing him as RFA when the time comes. Lars is a top six forward on any team moving forward for the next bunch of years - let's hope its with the habs. gb ps. we keep whining about not having any big center men - well we have one! lars eller!
  • Comment on Liveblog: Olympic Games, semifinal: Canada 1, U.S. 0 (2014-02-22 09:37:28)
    just to play devils advocate here: if we lose the gold medal game to sweden tomorrow every non-habs fan [and they do exist] will go back to calling carey price a bum. stephane waite has undoubtedly made price a better goalie. considering most nights he is under siege due to our poor defense. to clarify, our D is a more offensively orientated bunch than a defensive group. let's be honest, the minute you make diaz, buollion and murray key members, you have clearly lost focus. g b
  • Comment on Markov the ‘X-Factor’ for Canadiens (2013-08-19 16:51:06)
    need habs advice going to see the habs play in florida on dec 29th and need tickets. stubhub is the only site i have ever used. anyone know of any other means of getting tickets? other websites? g b
  • Comment on Wedding part of busy summer for Habs’ Gorges (2013-08-09 10:46:25)
    the question was about price and i got multiple responses about diaz. diaz got a couple of assists last year when he played in PK's spot on the PP during PK's absence at the start of the year. let's not confuse diaz passing the puck to Markov as a great skill. anyone could have passed the puck across the ice. the habs D is terrible. check this post in early December to confirm my suspicion that the habs will be in the bottom third [that's 20-30th overall] of the league in goals against. g b ps. MB is building for 5 years from now, not next season
  • Comment on Wedding part of busy summer for Habs’ Gorges (2013-08-09 10:41:31)
    if that is the criteria price is in big trouble. dont get me wrong, i love the guy but he failed to do much in time with the habs. i believe he has 1 playoff series win in the last six years? that is not "handling the pressure."
  • Comment on Wedding part of busy summer for Habs’ Gorges (2013-08-09 10:39:58)
    finally someone who understands our blueline is terrible and needs some help.