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  • Comment on A huge win for the Canadiens (2011-10-28 10:26:14)
    Agreed. The aggressive forecheck led to multiple turnovers, scoring chances and allowed us more territorial advantage than the typical stick wave and peel forecheck system that had habs constantly back-peddling, giving up ice, having to defend more and face more shot attempts. This takes advantage of their speed and quickness instead of stifling it.
  • Comment on Can Canadiens trade Gomez? (2011-06-27 09:43:52)
    If teams need to get to the cap floor they won't likely trade back another bad contract as that move does not get them any closer to the cap floor.
  • Comment on Game 67: Canadiens win, but lose Pacioretty (2011-03-08 23:27:37)

    With due respect, this was an act of payback, nothing less.  This guy is a 6'9" psycho who was pissed when Max pushed him in the back a couple of games ago, saw an opportunity for payback in a game that was out of reach and took it. Most people around hockey, whether its midget, junior senior or pro know that players hold a grudge and Chara is no different.  The analaysts, Kypreos, MacKenzie, Barnaby, MacClean etc. all say this is an unfortunate result from a hockey play which is completely wrong. They don't have the balls to report the truth or have been fed the NHL kool-ade too long to remember when they played.  There was no other reason to finish that hit other than to punish.  The argument that there was no intent is completely unbelievable and irrational given Chara's view of the ice, Max's body position and the fact that the puck was long gone. He could have rubbed him out, but he chose to fully extend his arm into Max's head as it was hitting the stansion.  If this isn't intent to injure in the name of payback, I don't know what is.  Ball is in your court NHL.