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  • Comment on Cowboy Carey prepares for rodeo (2011-07-21 17:19:31)
    If you want to pitch a story to an editor, send an email with * 2-3 paragraph detailed concise story idea that is well written * 1 paragraph with your background (student journalist or whatever) * your contacts, like tel. and email. You can easily find his tel. and email by Googling "Stu Cowan Gazette" I'm not going to do that for you because, if you really want to be a reporter, you should be able to find something that easy out yourself!
  • Comment on Habs development camp opens Sunday (2011-06-03 17:30:35)
    You're not sexist. I'm a woman and I find it weird. I love my hockey, but my legs are smooth! For the record, I'm not a big fan of the playoff beard either. Makes everyone look like lumberjacks. (Nothing against lumberjacks, mind you).
  • Comment on Feeling a bit ambivalent? (2011-05-29 12:19:41)
    I'm totally behind the Canucks. I'd love to see the Cup back on this side of the border. And I can't imagine how any Habs fan could be rooting for the Bruins. (Just to justify our loss to them weeks ago? After what they did to us?) Put away the bitterness, my friends. Let's root for the last standing Canadian team in this Stanley Cup race.
  • Comment on How about those Bruins? (2011-05-01 17:10:42)
    Not to sound ageist, but Jagr must be 40 years old, and hasn't been in the NHL for about 3 years.
  • Comment on Post-mortems on Canadiens (2011-04-29 14:06:11)
    I don't know what personal issues could have caused such a slide in Gomez. And I don't want to sound cruel, but when you're getting that salary, you figure a way around it. Remember Stephane Richer? (OK, I'm really dating myself here). He suffered from depression almost his whole career. He was constantly getting ragged on by the press for being lazy -- and that's when he was pulling off 30-50 goals a season! Somehow, on the ice at least, he worked through his problems. Sigh. Remember the days when Habs who only scored 40 goals a season got ragged on?
  • Comment on Thanks! We needed that (2011-04-02 20:42:56)
    Thanks, guys.
  • Comment on Thanks! We needed that (2011-04-02 20:14:04)
    Is there a reason live blogging doesn't show up on HIO iPhone version (or even the Web version seen on an iPhone)? It's a Godsend for us overseas viewers who have no chance to "see" the game, which sometimes we can't even find online. Please restore it to the way it used to be! On my iPhone, the live blogging screen hasn't shown up for the last 3-4 matches!
  • Comment on Game 73: Subban’s first hat lifts Habs over Wild (2011-03-20 13:26:04)
    You're right. Boston doesn't play NJ till Tuesday. Maybe my post wasn't chronological, but the argument still stands. If the Bs lose their next game, and we win our next 2, we should be ahead by one point. Observer. Maybe you're a glass half-empty kinda guy. I try to be a glass half-full kinda girl. Only way to survive as a Habs fan, esp. in a season with this many injuries! Go Habs Go
  • Comment on Game 73: Subban’s first hat lifts Habs over Wild (2011-03-20 13:07:39)
    If Boston loses to New Jersey, and we win against Minnesota and Buffalo, that puts us ahead of them by 1 point -- though they will still have 2 games in hand. If all that happens AND we beat Boston, that puts us a more decisive 3 points ahead of them -- though they will still have 2 games in hand. I think I got that right...
  • Comment on Game 73: Subban’s first hat lifts Habs over Wild (2011-03-20 11:30:41)
    The new site would absolutely not allow me to log back in as my old self. If kept saying it sent an email to me, but I never got it. So I changed my username entirely. Anyway... I figure that for us to take the division lead, Boston have to lose 3 in a row and we have to win 2 in a row. Not impossible, but still... I'm not unhappy about the Leafs win. I've always preferred the underdog to the bully. And I grew up with the Adams' Division, so the Bruins were always a bigger rival than the Leafs. Go Habs Go!