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  • Comment on About last night … (2013-02-15 15:41:47)
    Ole, you beat me to it. Eller may be the best player on this team and if you can't see any of that in him, you just can't see. Deuce, you also have it right. Where is Patch from last year. Brutal so far but I will also give him the benefit of the doubt and say he may be playing injured, which IMO is wrong in any sport. Pure BS for anyone, anyone whatsoever, to try and be a man and play hurt. It doesn't work. Expos, please come home.
  • Comment on Banged-up Habs face Hurricanes (2011-11-16 11:43:19)
    Chris, an informative, smart and well written post. My only other point is that I don't believe $26 M is actually doable for these 10 guys and if we consider the recent signings and non-signings, we're in for another round of unhappiness. Let's hope we at least hang on to Georges as I agree with your evaluation of him being our best. Expos, please come home.
  • Comment on Canadiens recall Aaron Palushaj; Pacioretty update (2011-10-25 23:42:47)
    Great to see such optimism zorro. En Guard. Expos, please come home.
  • Comment on Canadiens make moves (2011-10-23 16:40:56)
    Nice to hear there are are still passionate Expo fans out there. I went to the last game in Montreal. It was pretty sad, not only because they only announced that it would be the last game that very day, but also because of the actual game itself. Big loss to Florida and nothing really special said or done by the organization to say good-bye to the fans. I remember using my binoculars and catching a close up of Tim Raines in the dugout. He alsmost looked like he was crying. The only way we will see a Team back here is if a Billionaire wants one here, and certainly not because the city or Province wants it. I will continue to hope for two things. One, that a billionaire comes along or, two, that I become a Billionaire myself and bring home the Expos. Expos, please come home.
  • Comment on Canadiens make moves (2011-10-23 15:15:58)
    Wow, I really didn't think the team would take action so quickly in trying to resolve their problems. This move will go a long way in making us a much better team. Not!!!! Expos, please come home.
  • Comment on About last night … (2011-10-23 13:35:12)
    Un Canadien errant, first of all my statement in English language schooling in no way indicated a political bias, however, I do have a bias toward people who assume biases. Although I should maybe have clarified my schooling statement, I'm afraid that you are the one who is misinformed. Due to Bill 104, not all new immigrants to Quebec have the right to register their children into English language schools and although the Supreme Court of Canada ruled, in 2010, that Bill 104 is unconstitutional, nothing has yet been resolved on the issue, so people are still being denied the right. Expos, please come home.
  • Comment on About last night … (2011-10-23 02:19:31)
    HabFanRookie, where exactly did you read anywhere in our posts that we think the Habs haven't won because of the French coaches?? The two main ideas mentioned were that, one, I didn't believe the organization is willing to hire someone who doesn't speak French and habsfan0 stated that any pro sports organization who hires based on cultural background and language rather than pursuing the best talent available is simply not doing themselves any favours. That's not to say that a French Speaking coach or GM isn't the best talent and it's not even saying that he's an Anglophone or Franchphone, simply that he or possibly even she can speak both languages. Expos, please come home.
  • Comment on About last night … (2011-10-23 01:50:11)
    I agree habsfan0, but what do we do, stop being a fan of our beloved Canadiens, or hope we get a great francophone coach and GM to bring home Lord Stanley? On another note, many Hab fans don't realize that there are many many players in the league who simply refuse to play in Montreal due to the language barrier and it's not necessarily always about themselves. If I was a pro player with a family, I would not want to take my kids out of their English school, leave their English friends and their entirely English world, to bring them to Montreal where they can't even get English schooling, let alone immerse them in the French environment. That's not a knock on the French people or their culture, it's simply looking out for what I think would be right for my kids. Expos, please come home.
  • Comment on About last night … (2011-10-23 01:19:27)
    I don't believe the organization would bring in any coach or GM that can't speak French. So Nolan is a no go. If we follow this belief, then I'd like to see Patrick Roy and Mark Crawford hired. Although Roy is a little hot headed, I think he may be able to work with our young guys and with the experience he's been adding up, maybe also able to control himself with the vets. Crawford, in his own way, is similar to Roy in his desire to win, but can also be a little hot headed. I think he's ready to general manage. Let's make it happen. Expos, please come home.
  • Comment on About last night … (2011-10-23 01:13:52)
    I'm not usually one to blame the coach but in this case I think it would be a good move. Something is not right with the team and I have to believe it's how the team is being coached. Also, living here in Ottawa, I witnessed for too long how JM couldn't get it done with a fantastic team for several seasons. My only hope is that, if they fire JM, that they also get rid of PG. Have any of you ever checked out his record as GM. Utterly pathetic. He and JM are buddies so they both have to go. Lastly, and I know it won't go over well with some of you, is to clean house and quietly ask BG to retire as well. It's not looking good right now but I always give the team 20 games before I admit to where we're headed. Expos, please come home.