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  • Comment on Sharks play party poopers for HIO Summit; Habs call up Leblanc (2013-10-27 20:59:58)
    My boys and I had a great time, they did not want to leave today. The people at this event were some of the nicest people I have ever met. Ian, thanks so much for all your time and effort coordinating this wonderful group. Good luck with all your procedures. Eric, Ryan and Luke
  • Comment on Canadiens pick up a point they don’t need (2012-04-06 11:32:12)
    Grigorenko, but I also like Forsberg. I hope that whoever we take they live up to their potential. I would hate to get a Ryan Leaf.
  • Comment on Canadiens pick up a point they don’t need (2012-04-06 11:12:40)
    Anybody going to the draft this year? Live in philly so for me the trek to Pitt would not be a bad drive. It will be great to see the Habs with a top 5 pick, hopefully hands crossed #1. Looking to make it a weekend for my 40th birthday. Draft, Golf, maybe a pirates game. Wife thinks I am crazy but hey when you are a die hard habs/hockey fan that's what we do.
  • Comment on Postcard I from Habs training camp (2011-09-16 12:06:02)
    What do people think about Willsie at some point coming up. He is 6'1 over two hundred. Scored 30 goals and about 38 assists for hershey last year. Veteran at age 33. This could be a good fourth liner that can score not like travis moen
  • Comment on About last night … (2011-04-27 08:51:16)
    Agreed, if Wiz can go I think you keep Mara in. Spacek got totally muscled behind the net and fell down on the Seidenburg goal. I like spacek, but with a team like the bruins I think you need another veteran like Mara who is harder to take off the puck.
  • Comment on New series (2011-04-22 08:48:43)
    I lagree with that shaker. Gomez although has been playing better was horrible defenseifly. I mean come on Scotty you see Wiz up at the point playing Recci do a better job covering down low. That bergeron goal was a total breakdown. I know this would not be popular by most but I would also sit Moen and replace with Weber. Moen just looks so sluggish. I know he has cup experience but just looks slow to me.
  • Comment on No brooms for the Bruins (2011-04-19 11:06:51)
    I agree Matty. Pouliot does not belong to be there. JM should insert Weber in his role. I am all about a good hard check but what he did last night was just idiotic. I mean whitey had the guy and then Pouilot comes in, leaves his feet, and gives him an elbow to the head. Dumb Dumb Dumb. Weber will come in, give you those good hits, and not make stupid penalties. He also gives you another good shot at the point on the PP. Sounds like a win win to me.
  • Comment on One down (2011-04-15 11:45:59)
    One more thing to add. I loved the way PK got position on Lucic while he was breaking for the net. Could of been a real good scoring opportunity if not for the perfect postion by Pk staying with that Big bitch. Guys were just reading the lanes well to just suffocating the bruins. I love it. They stuck to the system and played it well. Not alot of offense but do not need to do it once you have the lead. I love the fact that even though they were playing with the lead, I did not get the sense of other games. Everyone played as a unit supporting each other with good quick smart puck movements. Cannot wait until tomorrow
  • Comment on And here we go (2011-04-14 09:59:34)
    Lets go boys!!!!!! Play like a champion
  • Comment on Canadiens recall Dawes, Palushaj (2011-03-16 16:37:48)

    I wish someone other then Moen was on a the line with Gio and Gomez.  You really see how much we miss Patches.  We need someone who will go to the net on that line, like patches did.  I was watching Moen last night and all he did was float between the circles when Gio or gomes had the puck behind the net.  Come on Moen go to the dirty place.  I say put Dawes on that line and tell him to go to the net.  He is not that tall but he is pretty thick and has a good stick, much bettern then Moen.